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Manage Hosted Exchange renewal

Manage renewal for my Microsoft products


Our different Microsoft services (Exchange2013/2016, Office 365) are automatically renewable by default. There are two ways to settle your bill:

  • Register a payment method via the manager
  • Use OVH account

Method 1: Register a method of payment in the manager

Log in to your customer account with your ID and password.

Select the "Billing" tab

In the left-hand method select "My payment methods"

Then click "Add payment method"

Different payment methods:

  • Bank account
  • Credit/Debit card
  • Paypal

Method 2: OVH account

If you do not want to register a payment method, you can use the OVH account.

The OVH account works like a bank account. The balance is set to 0 by default. You can credit it for an amount of your choice (the minimum is £10).

When a Microsoft bill is sent, the amount is withdrawn from the OVH account.

If the account has been credited with an amount which is higher than or equal to the invoice then it is settled immediately.

Credit the OVH account

If your OVH account is in debt an email will be sent to you. There are several ways to credit your account:

  • Register a method of payment in order to carry out the withdrawal
  • Follow the email link to a specific purchase order
  • Credit the account from your customer account

To credit the account from your customer account, select "Billing" and "My OVH account" and click on "Credit" .

You can then choose the amount to be credited, confirm and generate a purchase order.

See/Alter billing method

You want to change annual billing to monthly mode or vice versa, or just verify your renewal method. You can do this from your: customer account .

Select your "Exchange" platform

Then the "Billing mode" tab

Here you can check the method of payment currently in place. By default the renewal method will be based on the first order.

You can change the method at any time. You just need to select the type of renewal and confirm:

  • Monthly
  • Annual
  • None

You have to change this before the offer's anniversary date.

Modifying renewal type will not create a purchase order, this is automatically processed when renewing the offer.

Stop renewal

Two options:

  • Stop renewal of an account
  • Stop renewal of an Exchange service

Stop account renewal

It is highly recommended that you make a backup of the account prior to suspending it (export PST) . In order to stop renewal for one or many accounts you need to log in to your customer account.

Select your "Exchange" platform

Then the "Billing mode" tab

If you do not want to renew any accounts, you have to click "None" and confirm.

Stop renewal of my Exchange platform

This option cancels all of the Exchange platform. We strongly urge you to back up each account (PST export) To stop the renewal of an entire exchange platform, select "Cancel" and confirm. The service will be terminated on the anniversary date.

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