Hosted Exchange Responsibility model

Shared responsibilities between OVHcloud and the customer

Last updated 15th November 2022

The Hosted Exchange service is a Microsoft Exchange email solution. You can use it to manage your emails, calendars and tasks wherever you are.

The RACI below details shared responsibilities between OVHcloud and the customer for Hosted Exchange service. This shared model can help relieve the customer’s operational burden.

RACI definition

R: Is in charge of carrying out the process
A: Accountable for the successful completion of the process
C: Is consulted during the process
I: Is informed of the results of the process

1. Before subscription

1.1. Specify service as needed

Activity Customer OVHcloud
Define and configure a domain name before service subscription RA
Choose the service's sizing (50GB or 300GB) without downgrade option RA I
Define the version of Exchange and the mutualized infrastructure that supports the service RA
Choose service location in EU (or in CA if the client uses CA website ) I RA

2. Service availability

2.1. Install service

Activity Customer OVHcloud
Install, configure, and deliver functional bricks of the service I RA
Provide service licences I RA
Produce, route, deliver and maintain physical machines, virtual machines and hosting buildings RA
Deliver a preconfigured service with requested number of mailboxes that needs additional configuration by the client I RA

2.2. Reversibility model

Activity Customer OVHcloud
Choose a migrator tool to import email accounts from another service RA

2.3. Customer Information System setup

Activity Customer OVHcloud
Customize the service following business needs (domain alerts, quota of accounts, number of accounts, aliases management, define password policy, ...) RA I

3. Service usage

3.1. Operations

3.1.1. Daily operations
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Manage confidentiality, integrity of data hosted on the service RA
Manage data availability on the hosted service following OVHcloud SLA RA
Manage security risks related client personal data following OVHcloud DPA and ISSP I RA
Manage security risks of different components of the service RA
Manage risks of the client software being used (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) RA
Manage network accessibility of the Exchange service interface RA
Administrate the service infrastructure (servers, OS, antivirus, storage) RA
Administrate domain, mailboxes, distribution groups, etc. RA IR
Manage backups on the service RA
3.1.2. Access management
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Manage access to the OVHcloud Control Panel and to mailboxes following access control policy defined RA I
Define and implement security protocols on the service (IMAP, POP, MAPI, EWS) and security associated I RA
Manage access to control plane A RI
Manage access to mail service and data plane RA I
Manage physical and logical access to infrastructures for OVHcloud teams RA
3.1.3. Monitoring
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Monitor and manage alerts for the functioning of systems in support of the Exchange service I RA
Manage storage conception following Exchange service sizing (deleting emails once sizing capacity is overused) RA
Manage hardware sizing on the service RA
Manage the functioning of the Exchange service I RA
Maintain logs generated by Exchange service RA
Monitor the proper functioning of physical devices (utilities) in support of the Exchange service RA
Monitor service backups RA
Monitor business process hosted on the Exchange service RA
3.1.4. Storage
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Encrypt data on storage media RA
3.1.5. Connectivity
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Manage IP addressing plan and network systems (architecture, protocols, network traffic and access to the service) RA
3.1.6. Management
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Provide inventory of the service used I RA
Maintain in operational and security condition the Exchange service RA
3.1.7. Business continuity
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Define and maintain a business continuity and recovery plan following business needs RA

3.2. Event management

3.2.1. Incidents
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Notify, qualify, and manage incidents on the Exchange service I RA
Notify incidents on the Exchange service with ticketing system RA I
Realize backup recovery I RA
3.2.2. Changes
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Plan and deploy updates and patches on Exchange service, OS, and software in support of the service RA
Replace deficient hardware in support of the Exchange service I RA
Add and delete hardware and software configuration on the Exchange service RA

4. Reverting

4.1. Reversibility model

Activity Customer OVHcloud
Choose a migrator tool to export email accounts from old infrastructure RA
Choose the format of extraction file following the software used for the migration RA
Deliver PST file following client request A RI

4.2. Data recovery

Activity Customer OVHcloud
Define and plan reversion operations RA I

5. End of service

5.1. Configuration destruction

Activity Customer OVHcloud
Destroy configurations at end of service following contract termination I RA

5.2. Data destruction

Activity Customer OVHcloud
Destroy client's data I RA

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