Importing ISO images

Managing ISO images from Prism Central

Last updated 10th March 2022


You can add ISO images to the Nutanix system for later use when installing an operating system.

This guide details how to import ISO images from Prism Central.

OVHcloud provides services for which you are responsible, with regard to their configuration and management. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure that they work properly.

This guide is designed to assist you as much as possible with common tasks. Nevertheless, we recommend contacting a specialist provider if you experience any difficulties or doubts when it comes to managing, using or setting up a service on a server.

Some softwares require a licence such as Microsoft products, so make sure that all installed systems and software have these licences.


  • a Nutanix cluster in your OVHcloud account
  • access to the OVHcloud Control Panel
  • You must be connected to Prism Central on the cluster

Overview of the image system in Nutanix

Images are imported files of various formats, such as ISO images, but it is also possible to import most images of existing virtual machines (vhdx, qcow2, etc.).

Images are imported from Prism Central or Prism Element. This documentation describes how to import an image from Prism Central.

You can import images from a local file or a URL link.

For more information on creating images, see the Go further section of this guide.


From Prism Central, open the main menu via the top left button.

Left Menu View

Unfold Compute & Storage and click Images.

Unfolded left menu with Picture Highlighted.

Click Add Image.

Prism Central - Image Management

Click the Add File button.

Add Image Window

Select the image file and click Open.

Add Image Options Window Part 1

Type the file name, add a description, and then click Next.

Add Image Options Window Part 2

Leave the default options and click Save.

Add Image Options Window Part 3

The imported image appears in the images dashboard in Prism Central.

Dashboard of images with new image - Prism Central

Go further

Presentation of a Nutanix cluster

Nutanix documentation for importing images from Prism Central

Nutanix documentation for importing images from Prism Element

Nutanix licences

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