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Plesk is a platform that allows the management of your web projects without needing special skills in DevOps. No more terminal and command lines to deploy your projects, website, database, e-mail etc. Go to Plesk's simplicity so that you or your clients can realize their projects in a few clicks.

For more information on Plesk, visit the official website.

Comparative table of offers

VPS Classic 1 VPS Classic 2 VPS Classic 3 Pro 1 Pro 2
Main features
Plesk Licence [1] Web Pro + Reseller Option Web Pro + Reseller Option Web Pro + Reseller Option Web Host + Reseller Option Web Host + Reseller Option
Number of websites Up to 30 Up to 30 Up to 30 Unlimited Unlimited
Web Space 50 GB 100 GB 200 GB 400 GB 800 GB
E-mail Accounts 100 200 400 Unlimited Unlimited
Queries per second [2] Up to 60 Up to 60 Up to 120 Up to 160 Up to 200
Multi-domain Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Trafic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwith 100 Mbps 100 Mbps 100 Mbps 250 Mbps 500 Mbps
SLA 99,95 % 99,95 % 99,95 % 99,95 % 99,95 %
Fixed IPv4 Included Included Included Included Included
Fixed IPv6 Included Included Included Included Included
Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates Included Included Included Included Included
Databases Up to 30 Up to 30 Up to 30 Unlimited Unlimited
Servers specifications [3]
CPU 2.4 GHz 2.4 GHz 2.4 GHz 2.3 GHz 2.3 GHz
vCores 1 1 2 4 8
RAM 2 Go 4 Go 8 Go 15 Go 30 Go
Resources Shared Shared Shared Guaranteed Guaranteed
Switches to the top model Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon Not available

[1] - (1) You do not have root access to the server. Access to your Plesk panel is done through the reseller account. See FAQ for more details.

[2] - (1) Tested on dynamic pages with Wordpress 4.5 and PHP 7.

[3] - (1) The VPS shares physical resources (infrastructures) with others but a share of resources is dedicated to it.

On all of our Plesk Web Hosting offers, fully enjoy all these features :

Exclusive OVH Features
  • Customer Support 24/7
  • Anti-DDoS Protection
  • OVH Administration Interface
Plesk Features
  • Plesk Onyx
  • Complete Plesk reseller account
  • Unlimited accounts with access to the Plesk panel
  • Panel with Single Client View or Service Provider
  • Automatic update of the OS and the Plesk panel
  • Plesk application catalog (More than 250 applications: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, etc.)
  • Select your Plesk Panel Language [4]
Wordpress Features
  • Free Wordpress installation in 1 click
  • Configure automatic WordPress update
  • Advanced security scan of your Wordpress site
Developer Features
  • Multiple versions of PHP (7.1, 7.0, 5.6, 5.5 and other)
  • Git support for a fast and easy deployment of your sites
  • Ruby, NodeJS, Perl and Python support
  • MySQL & PostgreSQL Databases
  • Unlimited SSH and SFTP accounts
  • Unlimited web and FTP user accounts with advanced role management

Test Plesk Web Hosting

demo You can test OVH's Plesk Web Hosting offer directly on the demo. This demo environment is reset every 24 hours. Limitations of the demo :

  • The password for the demo reseller account can not be changed
  • Customization of the interface (logo, page title) can not be performed
  • SSH and SMTP accesses are closed

These limitations are only linked to the demo account and will not be present on your Plesk Web Hosting.

Order, delivery and renewal of service

Order a Plesk Web Hosting

  1. Go to the Plesk Web Hosting page
  2. Then choose the offer that suits your needs by clicking on the button "Order"
  3. You will see on the next page a preview of your order, click on "Purchase"
  4. Please log in if you already have an OVH customer account. You can create one if you do not.
  5. Validate the contracts and click on "Confirm and Pay" to access your order form.
  6. All you have to do is settle your order with one of the payment methods.

Creating your Plesk Web Hosting can take a few hours. An email will be sent to you when your services are ready.

You now have a Plesk Web Hosting.

Access to my Plesk Web Hosting on delivery

Receiving the delivery email

When your Plesk Web Hosting is created, you will receive an e-mail containing all the information you need to access the service.

For example :


Thank you for subscribing to our web hosting Plesk. Your order has been validated.

To start using your Plesk service, an account has been created with this information :

Login : #LOGIN#

Your password is available via this link :


To connect to your Plesk service, follow this link :


What if I did not receive or lost this email ?

Check in the spam folder of your email box. You can also change the email address of your account if needed.

Check if your product is available in your OVH manager. See this section for more details.

If your product is not visible in the manager and you have ordered for more than 24 hours, contact our support.

Plesk panel password set up

For security reasons, we do not specify your Plesk Panel password directly in the delivery email, but you can generate it using the link given in the email.

Password setup requires 3 steps:

  1. Click on password link given in the delivery email. You will be redirected to a prepopulated form with your username and email address, then click on "Send".

  2. You will then receive an email containing the password setup link: Dear user,

Your password could not be sent because it is stored in the encrypted form.

To set up a new password, please follow the link:

Click on this link to access password setup page

  1. Fill in the form to set up your password. Your username is the same as in step 1. For your password, you must use numbers, upper and lower-case characters, and special characters like !,@,#,$,%,^,&,*,?,_,~

You did not receive the password set-up email ? Check in the spam folder of your email box. You can also change the email address of your account if needed. (Your hosting provider may have dropped the email, it happens sometimes with Hotmail or Live due to policy restrictions)

Renew or delete my Plesk Web Hosting


You can renew your product in two ways :

From the Manager

  • Go to the "Billing" section
  • Choose "Reseller Hosting" services
  • Click on "Renew" or activate the automatic renewal at the level of the service concerned

From the API

  • Use this call of OVH API to manage the renewal of your service :

You can remove your product in two ways :

From the Manager

In the event of an error, you can switch back to automatic renewal by clicking on the parameter wheel again, then pressing "Cancel".

From the API

  • Use this call of OVH API to manage the renewal of your service :

{ "renew": { "period": 1, "forced": true, "automatic": true, "deleteAtExpiration": true } }

Any cancellation of the automatic renewal made after the 20th of the current month will not be effective until the following month.

You will find all the information related to the management of your services on this page.

Managing my Plesk Web Hosting server

Information about my Plesk Web Hosting

From the Manager


From the API

  • Use these calls of OVH API for information about your service :

Actions available to manage my Plesk Web Hosting server

Here is the list of actions available to manage your Plesk web hosting server :

Go to my control panel

Returns to your Plesk panel


URL of your Plesk Panel This URL is of this form : https://{serviceName}

API call
Change the e-mail address associated with your account

Change the email address associated with your Plesk account By default, the e-mail address associated with your account is the email address associated with the OVH nic-handle you ordered from. You will find this address directly in the OVH manager at the level of the details of your product, or using the call API described in this section


new e-mail address


The email address of your Plesk panel access account is updated with the specified address.

API call
Reset password

Gives the link to the page to reset your password. This is the password of the reseller account created when subscribing to the service.


Password reset URL of your Plesk panel This URL is of this form : https://{serviceName}{emailAddress}&login_name={username}


- Go to the URL provided with a web browser - Click on Send, you must have a message of type : "Information : Instructions for changing your password have been sent to your e-mail address." - As the password is encrypted, an email will be sent to you with a link containing a password change key. - Follow the password change link, then fill out the form to choose a new password.

API call
Change the language

Change the general language of the Plesk panel On the Plesk web hosting offer, only one language is available for both the Plesk panel. This is linked to the license included in this offer. This means that the language change is global and applies to all Plesk panel user accounts.


Language [4]


The general language of the Plesk panel is updated with the requested language.

API call
Change the reverse

Change the reverse associated to the IPv4 or v6 of your Web Hoting Plesk server. You first need to have an A or AAAA DNS entry pointing to the requested reverse. Then we automaticaly test this DNS resolution in order to update IPv4 and/or IPv6 reverse.




Creates a PTR DNS entry associated to the IPv4 and/or v6.

API call

Restart your Plesk hosting server


Forced Using this parameter, you perform a hard reboot. By default, it is a soft reboot that is done. A soft reboot makes a graceful stop and restarts the instance. A hard reboot corresponds to an electrical restart of the instance.


Reboot the instance. Restarting your server involves a downtime of your services during restart (a few minutes).

API call

Reinstall your Plesk hosting server completely

API call

Reinstall the Instance.

Warning: The Reinstall action will delete all data and snapshots associated with your Plesk hosting server. This action is irremediable. Your server will be unavailable for reinstallation time (this may take several minutes). You will then need to use the Reset Password option described above to retrieve your login information from the Plesk panel.

[4] - (1, 2) List of available languages : ar (ARABIC), ca-ES (CATALAN), cs-CZ (CZECH), da-DK (DANISH), de-DE (GERMAN), el-GR (GREEK), en-US (ENGLISH), es-ES (SPANISH), fi-FI (FINNISH), fr-FR (FRENCH), he-IL (HEBREW), hu-HU (HUNGARIAN), id-ID (INDONESIAN), it-IT (ITALIAN), ja-JP (JAPANESE), ko-KR (KOREAN), ms-MY (MALAY), nb-NO (NORWEGIAN), nl-NL (DUTCH), pl-PL (POLISH), pt-BR (PORTUGUESE), pt-PT (PORTUGUESE), ro-RO (ROMANIAN), ru-RU (RUSSIAN), sv-SE (SWEDISH), th-TH (THAI), tl-PH (TAGALOG), tr-TR (TURKISH), uk-UA (UKRAINIAN), vi-VN (VIETNAMESE), zh-CN (CHINESE), zh-TW (CHINESE)

Failover IPv4 Management

It is possible to add Failover IPv4 addresses on your Plesk hosting. This can be useful if you want to associate an IP address per website, or take advantage of a geolocalized IP address. You can find all information about Failover IP addresses on this page. Only Failover IP addresses can be routed to Plesk web hosting, not RIPE blocks.

How Failover IP addresses work on Plesk Web Hosting

Failover IP order is not yet available on Plesk Web Hosting offer, but you can already route IPs ordered with a VPS, a Public Cloud instance or a dedicated server.

Adding a Failover IP

You can add a Failover IP address in two ways :

From the Manager

  • Go to the "Dedicated" section
  • From the menu, choose "IP"
  • On the IP address concerned, click on the configuration wheel and choose "Move IP Failover"
  • Select the target service and validate

From the API

  • Use this call of OVH API to manage the addition of an Failover IP address :

When the IP address is routed to your Plesk Web Hosting, you will be able to use it in the Plesk panel, in terms of hosting settings for your sites.

Removing a Failover IP

You can remove a Failover IP address in two ways :

From the Manager

  • Go to the "Dedicated" section
  • From the menu, choose "IP"
  • On the relevant IP address, click on the configuration wheel and choose "Move IP Failover" (to IP parking or another service), or "Delete IP Failover" if you do not want to keep it.

From the API

  • Use this call of OVH API to park the Failover IP address :

Check in your Plesk panel that you do not have a site that uses this IP address (in Tools & Utilities> IP Addresses), and if it does not, switch your sites to another address and think about updating Your DNS entries. If sites use the IP address you delete, they will automatically be switched to the primary IP address of your Plesk Web Hosting.

Presentation of the Plesk panel

About Plesk

Standard use

Advanced Use


Contact us

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about the Plesk Web Hosting offer. If you wish to follow the roadmap of this product, or if you have a question that is not referenced here, please use our mailing list, or contact our support : Plesk Web Hosting Mailing list Subscribe / Post / Unsubscribe Support Contact us


Do I have root access to my Plesk Web Hosting server ?

As an "as-a-service" offer, you do not have access to the server's root account. This superuser access is only available to OVH administrators.

However, you can also access your Plesk Web Hosting server through SSH by creating a user from your Plesk panel. To do this, in your Plesk panel, use the "Access to web hosting" menu of the concerned domain, then choose a shell type for the domain owner. In order to avoid limitations of access to the server's binaries, we have opened access to non-chrooted shells.

If you have actions to assign that require root privileges, please contact us, we will study the feasibility of your request.

What are the limitations of the Reseller account against an Administrator account ?

Your master account of the Plesk panel is a unique reseller account. This is not an administrator account, so some restrictions may apply.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of these restrictions :

Rights available : - Access to customer management, domains, subscriptions and service packs - Access to tools and user configurations (backup, interface, traffic, resources, etc.) - Access to Service Provider and Power User Views - Access to the Plesk application catalog

Restricted Rights : - No access to reseller management (access only to your reseller account settings) - No access to tools and global configurations of the server (management of services and daemons, updates, etc.) - No access to the Plesk extensions catalog (do not hesitate to contact us if you need an extension, we will study the feasibility of your request)

If you want to test Plesk Web Hosting from OVH in real-world conditions, you can use our demo.

I don't need a reseller option on my Plesk Web Hosting. Is it mandatory ?

The reseller option is included by default in the license of this offer. If you do not need it, you can use your Plesk in Power User view instaed of Service Provider view. This will hide all Reseller related menus.

How to change PHP values ?

You can modify PHP settings related to your hosting directly from the Plesk panel.

You will find information about this setting in the Plesk guides.

If a value you want to change is not available in the Plesk panel, you can place a .user.ini file at the root of the directory that should apply this value.

Here is the list of PHP directives, the configuration modes and how to use the .user.ini for PHP-FPM.

The emails of my website are not sent

If you have created a new site and activated the email service for this domain, the emails will then be delivered locally and not returned to the email server specified in the domain MX fields.

If the mailboxes associated with the domain are not hosted on your Plesk hosting, disable the email service of this domain in your Plesk panel.

If your emails are still not sent, test with a simple PHP script by sending to an external mailbox (OVH MX / Exchange, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) to validate the email server.

What ports are opened on my server ?

As an "as-a-service" offer, the firewall of your Plesk hosting server is managed by the OVH administrators.

We are working on adding an option on this offer to let you add or remove your own firewall rules. Do not hesitate to contact our mailing list in order to monitor the progress of the roadmap.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to open specific ports.

Here are the ports opened by default :

Inbound : 20, 21, 22, 25, 53, 80, 110, 143, 443, 465, 587, 993, 995, 8443, 8447 Outbound : 20, 21, 25, 43, 53, 80, 123, 443, 5224, 11371

Can I access my MySQL / PostgreSQL server from outside ?

Even if the Plesk panel allows you to define MySQL / PostgreSQL user rights from external networks, the MySQL and PostgreSQL ports are closed by the firewall.

This is an important security measure to prevent your database server from being accessed from the outside.

Please contact us if you want to open these ports.

Can I use my IPv4 and IPv6 on multiple sites ?

IPv4 and v6 IP addresses included with your Plesk Web Hosting server ar mounted in shared mode, so you can use it as you want on each site or domain managed through your Plesk Panel.

You will find informations about IP addresses management in Plesk on this page.

Can I use an IP Failover with my Plesk hosting server ?

You can route failover IP adresses on your Plesk Web Hosting server. See this section for more details.

Is my Plesk Web Hosting server backed up ?

OVH does not perform a backup of your data. You must make this configuration yourself.

Here is how to schedule the backup of your Plesk Web Hosting : Configure backup of Plesk and websites

This solution will allow you to backup your sites and configurations locally or on an external FTP server.

In addition, we are working on adding an automatic snapshot option to your server.

A snapshot is an image at a time T, the restore is complete and does not restore a file simply, but only the entire server.

What if I reach the limitations of the license (number of sites, databases, e-mail accounts, etc.) ?

The automatic migration to the superior offer will soon be available. However, you can contact us if you need to migrate. We can migrate your server to any superior offer. Your service will be prorate based on number of days within the billing cycle.

Is there a similar offer but based on cPanel ?

We do not have any similar offers based on cPanel yet.

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