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Understanding the “Controller VM deleted” error message

Find out what the “Controller VM deleted” error message means

Last updated 20th June 2018


In your NSX interface, you may encounter the Controller VM deleted message.

This guide will explain what this message means.


  • NSX option activated
  • a user with NSX access permissions


In your NSX interface, under the Installation section, the Controller VM deleted error message may appear under the name of the controller:

Controller VM deleted error

This is because OVH does not host controllers on your infrastructure. They are hosted on a separate internal management infrastructure, so that they do not consume any of your infrastructure's resources.

Under the standard configuration for NSX, the controllers are expected to be in the same datacentre as your virtual machines, so this explains this error message. This message will have no effect on your machine's regular functionality.

You just need to make sure that the status of the controllers in your NSX interface is set to Connected. If it is, your machine is working.

Resolving this error by clicking on Resolve will delete the controllers from your infrastructure, which will mean you can no longer use NSX or the infrastructure’s network properly. We would therefore advise against doing this. OVH is still responsible for the administration of the NSX controllers.

This also explains the following alert on the NSX dashboard:

Alert on NSX interface

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