OVH Guide

First steps

Learn how to connect to your AzureStack portal


Before starting this tutorial, you normally registered yourself on (If not please do it). Then you must have received an email with your credentials and how to connect. (If not please be patient, mail is on its way). It looks like the following:

``` Hello,

Your Azure Stack infrastructure is waiting for you !

To get connected : Go on :xxxxxxxx Login : xxxxxxxxxxxx Password : xxxxxxxxx

You have questions or want to share your experience ? Join the Azure Stack community :

Start on the right track, have a look on our tuto : First steps : xxxxxxx

Your infrastructure will be available during 1 month, enjoy !

The RunAbove Team ```

Connection to the PoC Server

First of all, AzureStack TP2 is provided (by Microsoft) in a way that you can only use the access portal locally. That's why you need to access remotely to a VM 'portal client' to be able to use AzureStack portal.

So if you are on Windows, please use this command :

mstsc -v 

If you are on Linux, please use this command :

xfreerdp / /u:myUser /p:myPass 

Then you will arrive on a server named mas-con01.

Connection to the AzureStack portal

Once connected to the portal client VM, you will be able to find the AzureStack portal shortcut on your desktop.

AzureStack Portal

Once logged in, with the credentials you received by email, you will be prompted to change your password, please do it. You will then land on your AzureStack dashboard.

AzureStack Dashboard

Subscribe to AzureStack subscription

The first thing to do is to get a Subscription allowing you to deploy compute, storage, resources, please click on the Get a subscription link from your dashboard. Select the pocOfferRA offer, (do not be worried, everything is free during the PoC (Proof of Concept) phase, you will not be charged for anything).

After this action, do not forget to refresh the portal page or you will not be able to use your subscription.

AzureStack offer selection

If you do not subscribe to this offer, you will not be able to deploy anything.

Deploy your first VM

To deploy your first virtual machine on AzureStack, please do as follows :

AzureStack new virtual machine

Then you can configure your VM :

AzureStack virtual machine configuration