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Buying a failover IP

Find out how to order failover IP addresses for your instances

Last updated 02nd January 2020


You may need to configure a failover IP address on your instances for different reasons. For example, you may be:

  • hosting several websites on your instance
  • hosting international projects

To meet these needs, you can order a failover IP address for your Public Cloud instances.

These failover IP addresses can only be migrated to instances in the same project.

This guide explains how to buy a failover IP for an OVHcloud Public Cloud project.



First of all, click on the Failover IP menu in the OVHcloud Public Cloud Control Panel, then click Buy failover IPs in the actions list:


The following page will then open:


Enter the following information:

  • The number of failover IPs you want to order (IP blocks are not currently available).
  • The instance on which the IPs will be routed.
  • The location of the IPs.

You will also need to accept the General Terms and Conditions of Service.

They are available in the following locations in Europe:

Belgium Finland France Germany Czech Republic
Ireland Italy Lithuania Netherlands United Kingdom
Portugal Spain Poland Lithuania

Some of the countries listed above may not be listed, depending on the availability of IP addresses.

Location is only based on benchmark organisations.

For example, for RIPE blocks:

If you need to check this for other organisations, please contact them directly. OVHcloud cannot be involved in this regard.

A purchase order is then generated. Please allow pop-ups in order to be redirected automatically to the purchase order.


You will also find the purchase order in the OVHcloud Control Panel by going to My account, then My orders.


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