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Create an additional volume and attach it to an instance

Walk-through document on creating and attaching an additional hard disk to a cloud server.


You can create additional volumes (or additional disks) for your Public Cloud instances. This is useful if:

  • You want to increase your storage capacity without changing the instance model
  • You want to have a highly available and high-performances storage space
  • You want to be able to move your storage space as well as the data contained on another instance
  • You want to install the system on a separate Ceph disk rather than a SSD disk

This guide will explain how to create an additional volume and then how to attach it to one of your instances.


Creating the volume

  • Log in to the OVH Customer Control Panel
  • Click the Add button and select Add a hard disk


A new menu will display.


From this new menu, you can:

  • Name your volume
  • Select the volume type:
Classic 200 IOPS guaranteed
High performance Up to 3000 IOPS
  • Choose the volume capacity starting from 10GB.
  • Choose the region for your volume

To attach a volume to an instance, they must both be located in the same region.

  • Make your hard disk bootable by checking "boot disk" if you want to start the system from this disk.
  • Validate the creation of the volume. A new window will be displayed with your volume:


Volume attachment

You can then attach your additional volume to an instance:

  • By dragging and dropping your volume on your instance.
  • By clicking on the arrow in the bottom-right of your volume and selecting Attach to a server

Once this is done, it will appear just below your instance:


To continue, you will probably need to configure this new volume on your instance .