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Creating an Instance via the Horizon interface

Find out how to create an Instance via the Horizon interface

Last updated 27th March 2018


You can create multiple Instances directly in the Horizon interface, and also configure a security group to apply to your Instances.

Find out how to create an Instance via the Horizon interface.



To start creating an Instance, log in to the Horizon interface. If you are unsure about how to do this, please refer to our guide to Accessing the Horizon interface.

Next, click Compute in the left-hand menu, then Instances.


The page that opens can be used to view the Instances that are currently launched. To launch a new one, click the Launch Instance button.


You will then need to fill in the information requested. If you need to do so, you can use the table below to fill in the fields. Please note that this grid is not exhaustive.

Information Details
Availability zone Leave "nova" (default choice).
Instance name Specify the name you want for the Instance that will be launched.
Template Select the type of Instance to launch.
Count Specify the number of Instances to launch.
Instance launch source Select the source for launching an instance (e.g. "Launch from an image" or "Launch from a snapshot").
Image name Select the Instance image (only when launching from an image).
Instance snapshot Choose an Instance snapshot (only for launching from a snapshot).
Key pair Select an SSH key to use for connecting to the Instance later (you can create a key by clicking the "+" sign).
Security groups Specify the security group for the Instance (authorisation for opening ports).
Selected networks Select the network(s) for the Instance you want to create, from the list of available networks.
Custom script source Specify the source between a "direct entry" or a "file".
Script data Enter the script code in the input field (16KB maximum).
Script file Click ‘browse’ to select the post-installation script.
Disk partitioning Choose between "automatic" or "manual".
Configuration disk Configure OpenStack to write metadata on to a specific configuration disk that will be attached to the Instance when it is launched.

Once you are ready to launch the Instances, click the Launch Instance button.


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