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Delegating projects

Find out how to delegate technical rights to other OVHcloud accounts for a Public Cloud project

Last updated 29th November 2019


Depending on how you use your solution, you may need to grant other users access to some of your projects, without giving them full access to all your services.

You can delegate one or more projects to other OVHcloud accounts, and you can also choose whether to provide read-only permissions or read/write permissions.

This guide will show you how to do this.


  • two OVHcloud accounts
  • a Public Cloud project


Delegate the project.

Log in to the OVHcloud Control Panel, then select Public Cloud. Next, click Contacts and Rights in the Project Management section.


In this menu, you can:

  • configure your admin and billing contacts

  • delegate your projects to other OVHcloud accounts


Configure the delegation.

Click Add, then enter the NIC handle (in the form xx000000-ovh) of the OVHcloud account you want to add, as well as the type of right you want to link to it.


Once the account has been added and the page has reloaded, you can check all of the accounts added, as well as their respective rights.


The OVHcloud accounts that have been added like this can access the project in their own OVHcloud Control Panel by going to the Public Cloud section.

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