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What are the differences between the regions?

FAQ on the regions available for the Public Cloud offer and their differences.


SBG1, GRA1, and BHS1 are the three historic regions, they offer the same features. The only difference between these three regions is the geographical location.

Region name Location
SBG1 Strasbourg, FR
GRA1 Gravelines, FR
BHS1 Beauharnois, CA



The introduction of the new 2017 range goes hand in hand with the arrival of new regions: SBG3, GRA3, BHS3.

There is no difference between previous regions (SBG1, GRA1, and BHS1) and new ones. All the regions can be used in the same way.

You can connect projects deployed in different regions by associating them within a single vRack. It will thus be possible to create the same private network (same VLAN ID), and projects can be connected through a private and secure network.

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