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Import a failover IP

Import a failover IP

If you need to configure a failover IP address on your instances because:

  • You have many websites on your instance,
  • You host international projects,
  • You want to migrate from a dedicated server to a Public cloud instance,

You can import a failover IP address which is linked to a different OVH service.

This guide explains how to import this failover IP into your OVH Public Cloud project.


  • You must have a failover IP linked to a dedicated server.

Example: An IP in the Dedicated section of the Control Panel:

To Public Cloud

  • Go to the Cloud section in the Control Panel.
  • Click Add and then Importing Failover IPs:

  • The following window appears:

  • Tick the failover IP of your choice and then click confirm.
  • The IP will be imported in a few seconds:

  • The IP has now been imported:

  • Click on the arrow to choose which virtual server to attach the IP to.

  • Check the server that you want:

  • Click attach to confirm
  • The IP will now be attached

To a dedicated server

It is possible to migrate your failover IP back to your dedicated server.

To do this, go back to the "IP" menu in the "Dedicated" section in the Control Panel, and click on the cogwheel to the right of your failover IP address:

You just have to move your IP to your dedicated server

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