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Retrieving data from a BCP

Retrieving your data

With the OpenStack Swift client.

Install pip, the Python package manager on your system, then retrieve the Swift client from OpenStack:

1. pip install python-swiftclient

You can then interact with your data, and list it, for example:

swift --os-storage-url ${storageEndpoint} --os-auth-url ${authEndpoint} --os-username ${login} --os-password ${password} --os-region-name ${region} --os-tenant-id ${tenantId} list ${container}

Or otherwise, you can retrieve a file/folder under the path [path] (leave empty to retrieve all objects):

swift --os-storage-url ${storageEndpoint} --os-auth-url ${authEndpoint} --os-username ${login} --os-password ${password} --os-region-name ${region} --os-tenant-id ${tenantId} download ${container} [path]

For further information, you can refer to the official documentation.

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