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Use of an SSH key in the Public Cloud interface

Step-by-step documentation on how to use an SSH key to simplify access to cloud servers


SSH is a protocol making it possible to access and communicate with a server in an authenticated and encrypted manner.

There are two ways to add an SSH key from the Public Cloud interface:

  • The first and more direct method is done at the time of the creation of an instance.
  • The second method is to add a key from the SSH key manager.


Creation of an instance

From the Public Cloud client interface, to create a cloud instance, click on Add then Add a server.

Add a server

If you already have keys, simply select the key of your choice.

If you want to add a key, click on Add a key then click Add this key

Create a name for your key in the 'Name' box and paste the key into the box labeled 'Key'.

Add a key

From the key management tool

Once the 'infrastructure' has been selected from the menu for your project, an 'SSH keys' tab will be available.

Add a key

Click on Add a key then click on Add this key after you have named the key and pasted the key in the box.

Add a key

This key will be available for use at the time of creation your next cloud instance.

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