RACI Dedicated servers

RACI between OVHcloud and the customer for Dedicated Servers

Last updated December 1st, 2021


The RACI below details shared responsibilities between OVHcloud and the customer for Dedicated Servers services. This shared model can help relieve the customer’s operational burden.

R: Is in charge of carrying out the process
A: Guarantees the successful completion of the process
C: Is consulted during the process
I: Is informed of the results of the process

1. Before subscription

1.1. Specify service as needed

Activity Customer OVHcloud
Choose the location of dedicated servers RA I
Size dedicated servers as needed RA I
Choose options as needed RA I

2. Service availability

2.1. Install service

Activity Customer OVHcloud
Produce, transport, deliver and maintain physical machinery and buildings CI RA
Install and configure the internal functional building blocks to the dedicated server that are required to keep it in operational conditions and secure conditions (firmware, BIOS, BMC, IPMI, etc.). RA
Buy and hold licences and usage rights for the OS used RA
Deploy initial network configuration to devices I RA

2.2. Reversibility model

Activity Customer OVHcloud

2.3. Customers information system setup

Activity Customer OVHcloud
Install the OS RA RI
Install the software on your dedicated server RA

3. Service usage

3.1. Operations

3.1.1. Daily operations
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Ensure network accessibility of the Dedicated Server RA
Manage the software installed on the Dedicated Server RA
Decide to add/remove an option on the Dedicated Server, request the replacement of defective hardware on the Dedicated Bare Server RA I
Add/remove options/hardware on the Dedicated Server I RA
Adapt the OS configuration to the hardware resources in use RA
3.1.2. Access management
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Manage access and security policy for Service users RA
Manage physical and logical access to infrastructures for OVHcloud teams I RA
Manage access to the manager RA I
3.1.3. Monitoring
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Monitor the proper functioning of physical devices (utilities) that are part of the Dedicated Server I RA
Monitor physical resource performance RA R
Process and clear alarms from Dedicated Server managed devices I RA
Keep logs of the information system hosted on the Dedicated Server RA
Keep logs of the Control Plane that manages the Dedicated Server RA
Monitor the performance of services installed on the Dedicated Server RA
3.1.4. Storage
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Create, modify, control, restore, delete backup jobs RA
Manage content hosted on infrastructures RA
Ensure data continuity and sustainability RA
Carry out maintenance on the storage and backup devices provided by OVHcloud RA
3.1.5. Connectivity
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Ensure that automatic network management systems works (architecture, implementation, software and hardware maintenance for deployed public and private networks, primary IP of dedicated server) I RA
Manage IP addressing plan RA I
3.1.6. Management
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Ensure the security of management infrastructures (API, control plane) R RA
Ensure the security of OS, software and middleware installed on Dedicated Servers RA
Manage the security of data stored by the Customer on Dedicated Servers RA
Manage the physical security of equipment and infrastructures hosted at OVHcloud I RA
3.1.7. Business continuity
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Manage automatic management systems for the infrastructure provided I RA
Maintain a business continuity and disaster recovery plan for the hosted IS RA

3.2. Event management

3.2.1. Incidents
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Replace the defective hardware elements of the Dedicated Server I RA
Handle hardware and network incidents (tickets and telephone contacts) AI RA
Process other incidents RA
Restore machine backups RA
3.2.2. Changes
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Deploy patches, update and configure the OS, software, middleware and information systems hosted on Dedicated Servers RA
Schedule changes requested by customer RA RI

4. Reverting

4.1. Reversibility model

Activity Customer OVHcloud
Schedule reversibility operations RA
Choose new infrastructures to use after reversibility RA

4.2. Data recovery

Activity Customer OVHcloud
Manage reversibility operations RA
Migrate/transfer data RA

5. End of service

5.1. Configuration destruction

Activity Customer OVHcloud
Terminate service contract RA I
Decommission client-related configurations RA

5.2. Data destruction

Activity Customer OVHcloud
Securely destroy data on storage media RA
Destroy storage media that has reached their end of life or when the secure destruction processes are generating errors RA
Provide a certificate of destruction (upon request) I RA

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