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This document is the reversibility policy for the Dedicated Servers product range.

This policy aims at implementing the global reversibility principles and requirements of SWIPO IaaS Code of Conduct for Cloud Providers.

Features map

Dedicated Servers features are divided into three categories:

  • The core features for which we guarantee the ability to migrate
  • The OVHcloud implementation, whose migration will require adaptations to a new environment.
  • Specific functionalities, whose migration as such is impossible to guarantee as they are tied to OVHcloud environment or specific developments.

Core features

Feature Description Available formats Migration model Available documentation
Supplying dedicated servers Supplying different ranges of high-performance dedicated servers N/A Inbound migration: Order a dedicated server in the OVHcloud Control Panel, backup and migrate data, re-install software (or use automated installation).

Outbound migration: Order dedicated servers, backup and migrate data, re-install software
Getting started with a dedicated server
Backup storage Backup storage delivered by default with every dedicated server NFS/CIFS/FTP Inbound migration: Migrate data on your dedicated servers and activate backup storage on those servers through the OVHcloud Control Panel.

Outbound migration: enable access from outside your account through OVHcloud API, then migrate data using standard file transfer protocols, such as FTP.
Using backup storage on a dedicated server
Operating systems and software installed on dedicated server Automatically install operating systems, databases, administration interfaces and virtualization software on a new dedicated server.
See here the complete list.
For customized images used with "bring your own image":
- Boot type: uefi or legacy
- Partition type: MBR or GPT
- Image format: qcow2 or raw
Inbound migration: Order dedicated servers and choose operating systems/software to install on the OVHcloud Control Panel. Alternatively, use the"bring your own image" feature to install customized images.

Outbound migration: Export your image and install on another dedicated server.
Installing or reinstalling your dedicated server

How to use the Bring Your Own Image feature

OVHcloud implementation

Feature Description Available formats Migration model Available documentation
Floating IPs Additional IP that can be switched from one service to another in the same datacenter. IPv4, IPv6 Inbound migration: Plan the network architecture, configure the Floating IPs in the OVHcloud Control Panel or through OVHcloud API.

Outbound migration: Record the configured setup in the OVHcloud Control Panel and configure a similar setup at another provider.
Moving a failover IP

Assigning a virtual MAC to a failover IP
vRack vRack, or Virtual rack, is a private VLAN technology that enables connection between OVHcloud services. N/A Inbound migration: Plan the network architecture, Add your servers to the vRack, Configure network interfaces.

Outbound migration: Record the network architecture and reproduce it with VLAN.
Configuring the vRack on your dedicated servers

Specific functionalities

Feature Description Available formats Migration model Available documentation
Load Balancing Load Balancers are network devices that distribute requests across services and datacenters to ensure that there is no overload. N/A Inbound migration: Purchase and activation through OVHcloud Control Panel.

Outbound migration: Order and set up a load balancer with the new provider.
Inbound migration: OVHcloud Load Balancers

Outbound migration: N/A
Anti-DDoS The anti-DDoS is a set of equipment and means put in place to absorb distributed denial of service attacks. It includes an analysis of traffic, the "aspiration" towards a specialized network, and mitigation, ensured by VAC technology developed by OVHcloud. N/A Inbound migration: The anti-DDoS is a component of our infrastructure, enabled by default. No action is required.

Outbound migration: Order and configure an anti-DDoS with the new provider.
Inbound migration: OVHcloud anti-DDoS protection and Anti-DDoS Technology

Outbound migration: N/A

Architecture listing

All components of the OVHcloud Dedicated Server product are accessible through the OVHcloud Control Panel. this allows to visualize and manage the dedicated servers, installed images, network configuration ... as well as the features that are attached to these components.

Partner services

OVHcloud Partners are listed with the "Cloud Migration" keyword in the dedicated directory.

Cost and fees

No additional billing is planned from OVHcloud for the migration features listed here.

Retention of data after contract termination

If a customer explicitly terminates his use of a given host, the data is erased 24 hours thereafter. In case of contract termination without explicit release of hosts, the data is retained 7 days and then deleted permanently.

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