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This document is the reversibility policy for the Hosted Private Cloud Premier Powered by VMware product.

This policy aims at implementing the global reversibility principles and requirements of SWIPO IaaS Code of Conduct for Cloud Providers.

Features map

Hosted Private Cloud features are divided into three categories:

  • The core features for which we guarantee the ability to migrate
  • The OVHcloud implementation, whose migration will require adaptations to a new environment.
  • Specific functionalities, whose migration as such is impossible to guarantee as they are tied to OVHcloud environment or specific developments.

Core features

Feature Description Available formats
Software-defined Compute Set of virtual machines managed by VMware vSphere Every file format supported by vSphere, such as .vmsd, .vmx ...
Software-defined Storage Set of datastores attached to virtual machines. N/A
Software defined Network Network virtualisation service based on NSX N/A

The following migration models and available documentation apply to all the features described in the table above.

Migration model Available documentation
Inbound migration:
- Sign up for an Hosted Private Cloud project
-Order the appropriate number of hosts and datastores on the project to achieve capacity comparable to the original infrastructure.
-Migrate via a specialized tool (e.g. Veeam, Zerto, HCX ...)

Outbound migration:
- Set up a vsphere hypervisor in the target environment
- Plan the capacities of the target environment in a manner comparable to the original environment
- Migrate via a specialized tool (e.g. Veeam, Zerto, HCX ...)
Standard vSphere documentation applies.

Deploying an OVF Linux, Windows Server and Windows SQL Server template

Deploying a virtual machine with vSphere

Create a cluster and enable EVC(FR)

OVHcloud implementation

Feature Description Available formats Migration model Available documentation
vRack vRack, or Virtual rack, is a private VLAN technology that enables connection between OVHcloud services N/A Inbound migration: Hosted private Cloud is included by default into vRack.

Outbound migration: Record the network architecture and reproduce it with VLAN.
Using Private Cloud with vRack

How to create a V(x)LAN
vROps Standard VMware monitoring solution. N/A Inbound migration: ROps is included by default with every Hosted Private Cloud.

Outbound migration: Install & configure vROps in a vSphere environment.
First connection on vROps
Managed Veeam backup Backup-as-a-Service solution for your VMs VBK, VIB, VBM Inbound migration: Activate a Veeam backup option in the OVHcloud Control Panel.

Outbound migration: Import backups manually, then restore backups
Activating and using Veeam Managed Backup

Importing backups
Zerto Business continuity and disaster recovery platform. N/A Inbound migration: Activate the zerto service either in the OVHcloud Control Panel or directly in the provided Zerto Replication Interface.

Outbound migration: Export zerto VPG settings and import those settings in the new environment.
Setting up Zerto Virtual Replication for your DRP

Exporting Zerto VPG settings

Specific functionalities

Feature Description Available formats Migration model Available documentation
vScope monitoring Health and resource usage monitoring tool designed by OVHCloud for Privrate Cloud. N/A N/A ; vScope is a static interface. How to use vScope
Anti-DDoS The anti-DDoS is a set of equipment and means put in place to absorb distributed denial of service attacks. It includes an analysis of traffic, the "aspiration" towards a specialized network, and mitigation, ensured by VAC technology developed by OVHcloud. N/A Inbound migration: The Anti-DDoS is a component of our infrastructure, enabled by default. No action is required.

Outbound migration: Order and configure an anti-DDoS with the new provider.
OVHcloud anti-DDoS protection

Anti-DDoS Technology
SDDC Security advanced Package of features improving security, such as Zero trust implementation, MFA, IDS for vSphere access ... N/A Inbound migration: Order the activation of security advanced in the OVHcloud Control Panel.

Outbound migration: Order and configure appropriate security features with the new provider.
SDDC Advanced Security Pack

Architecture listing

Information about the architecture (such as servers, storage ...) is centralized and visible in the vSphere console.

Available migration tools

Importing/exporting virtual machines (FR).

Converting a physical / virtual machine into a cloud infrastructure (FR).

Partner services

OVHcloud Partners are listed with the "Cloud Migration" keyword in the dedicated directory.

Cost and fees

No additional billing is planned from OVHcloud for the migration features listed here.

Retention of data after contract termination

The data is retained until the end of the month after the termination of the service and then deleted permanently.

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Migrating a PCC to Hosted Private Cloud

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