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How to create a SQL Server instance


The Microsoft SQL Server environment to power your database as a service!

In this guide you will learn how to subscribe to the SQLServer As A Service lab and create your SQLServer Instance.

Your Microsoft SQL server Database as a Service in 1 click!

From Azure Pack (hosted in OVH datacenter) deploy in 30 seconds your turn key database. Powered by the SQL server technology, enjoy the simplicity, the reliability and the performance of this managed Microsoft environment!

- Up to 5x SQL server Database aaS
- 1 GB/ Database
- Secured connexion
- SQL Server 2014

New features will be added soon and this guide will be updated accordingly. Enjoy !

Activate SQLServer As A Service lab

Go to Runabove > Labs > Discover SQL Server As A Service > Start Now

Start Lab

Either sign up (create new account) or sign in (use existing account)

Sign up

To activate SQLServer As A Service Lab, click on 'More labs...' and 'Activate'


Create SQLServer As A Service lab

To create a new SQL Server Instance, click on 'SQL Server as a service' in the left menu, and then on '+ New SQL Server'.

SQLServer As A Service

New Instance

You will receive an email confirming the creation of your new SQL Server instance (in about 5 minutes).

Start using your SQL Server instance

Once you received the email, your instance is now ready. You can now see it in your manager :


All informations about how to connect to your SQLServer instance is in email : Login : Your Email Password : Password sent by email Url : Windows Azure Pack Url

Follow this Url, then logon with your credentials


Once done you will arrive on your portal that allow you to create Database on your SQLServer Instance.

To create a database please click on 'ADD A NEW DATABASE'. add_new_database

Then you will just have to follow creation step.

Great your first SQLServer database is now ready to use. status_active

During this beta you can create a maximum of 5 databases

When you select your database you can do several actions : database_actions

  • View Info : This allow you to find the ConnectionString
  • Delete : This allow you to remove your database
  • Change Password : This allow you to change your database password
  • Resize : This allow you to resize your database without any downtime

You will now able to connect with any SQLServer client, here an example with ManagementStudio : database_actions


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