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Create an object container in Horizon

Create an object container in Horizon

The first step to using the Public Cloud storage solution is creating a container for your files. This guide explains how to create one from OpenStack Horizon.


  • Log in to Horizon
  • Select "Object Store" on the left

  • Click on "Create Container"

A new window will open:

From here you can:

  • Name your container
  • Select the type of container

|Public|Accessible to everyone| |---| |Public|Accessible to everyone| |Private|Only accessible with authentication|

After this, your container will appear and new options will become available:

You can:

  • See the details of your container
  • Make it public or private
  • Delete it

If you click on the name of your container you can also:

  • Create a pseudo-folder

In fact, the data placed in the Object Storage is not stored in a traditional hierarchical system (Folder > Subfolder and so on...) Data is all stored at the same level, which makes files quicker to access. Pseudo-folders are organised by a common prefix on the object's name which means that you can organise your data in a different way.

  • Upload your files
  • Delete your files and pseudo-folders
  • Download your files
  • Copy your files
  • See file details

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