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Manage Object Storage with CyberDuck

Manage Object Storage with CyberDuck

Object Storage is a storage solution that is managed primarily through the OpenStack API.

If you're not familiar with managing storage through command lines, there are some graphics solutions that use the OpenStack API for you. CyberDuck is one of these solutions and it is easy to configure.

This guide will explain how to configure Cyberduck to manage your Object Storage using a graphical interface based on the Openstack APIs.


  • Download Cyberduck
  • Log in to a "Swift - OpenStack Object Storage" account

Enter the following information:

  • Server: (Authentication server)
  • Tenant ID:Access Key : This is the Project_ID:Horizon_User_ID
  • Secret Key: your Horizon user password
  • More Options/Path: v2.0

  • Log in

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