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Last updated 13th May 2022


Object Storage is a storage solution that is managed primarily through the OpenStack API. However, you might not be familiar with managing storage space via command line. Therefore, we have developed a gateway which makes it possible to connect to your PCA container with an SFTP client.


  • SFTP Client: WinSCP
  • OpenStack login & password
  • TenantName of the project


SFTP Client

In this example, we use WinSCP but you can use any SFTP client. Configurations of SFTP clients are similar as explained here, regardless of the client.

OpenStack ID

You can generate your OpenStack login & password using this guide.


The TenantName corresponds to the name of your Horizon Project. To get the TenantName, you need to connect to the OpenStack web interface: Once logged in, the TenantName is visible at the top of page.



  • Host Name:{region}
  • User Name: pca
  • Password: {TenantName}.{Username_Openstack}.{Password_Openstack}
  • Port: 22



If you have created a PCA container in SBG:

  • Host Name:
  • User Name: pca
  • Password: 971891XXXX1214.f6nBXXXXXAmcv.SfPeASYfuWeqBZgXXXXX2XhF3DY12RkD


WinSCP Setting

In this part we will disable two WinSCP options:

Transfer Resume / Transfer to Temporary Filename: This option will have to be disable because recovery is not possible with PCA and WinSCP can return you an error.

  • In the "Endurance" section, select "Disable".


Preserve Timestamp: TimeStamp corresponds to the date of modification of the file. We disable it because on PCA we replace this data with the date of upload of the file.

  • In the "Transfer" section, click on "Edit...".


  • Uncheck "Preserve timestamp".


Data recovery

Data recovery requires that the object be unlocked first. A GET request must be made on the object in question. If this command is not made beforehand, your SFTP client will return an error message when attempting to download a file. Consult our guide to learn how to unlock your object here.

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