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Using snapshots on a VPS

Find out how to how enable and use the Snapshot option in the OVHcloud Control Panel

Last updated 22th April 2020


Creating a snapshot is a fast and simple way to secure a functioning system before making changes that might have undesired or unforeseen consequences, for example testing a new configuration or software. It does not, however, constitute a complete system backup strategy.

This guide explains the usage of snapshots for your OVHcloud VPS.

Before applying backup options, we recommend to consult the product pages and FAQ for pricing comparisons and further details.



Log in to your OVHcloud Control Panel, navigate to the "Server" section, and select your server from the left-hand sidebar under VPS.

Step 1: Subscribing to the snapshot option

From the Home tab, scroll down to the box labelled "Summary of options". Click on ... next to the option "Snapshot" and in the context menu click on Order.


In the next step, please take note of the pricing information, then click on Order. You will be guided through the order process and receive a confirmation email.

Step 2: Taking a snapshot

Once the option is enabled, click on ... next to the option "Snapshot" and in the context menu click Take a snapshot. Creating the snapshot might take a few minutes. Afterwards, the timestamp of the creation will appear in the "Summary of options" box.

Step 3: Deleting / restoring a snapshot

Since you can only have one snapshot activated at a time, the existing snapshot has to be deleted before creating a new one. Simply choose Delete the snapshot from the context menu.


If you are sure that you would like to reset your VPS to the status of the snapshot, click Restore the snapshot and confirm the restoration task in the popup window.

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