Setting up your own monitoring solution

Setting up your own monitoring solution using OVHcloud Insight and Grafana

Last updated 27/07/2021

This guide is deprecated, the OVHcloud Insight offer used in this guide is plannned to close on 2021/10/26. More information on


With its Insight solution, OVHcloud shares your service metrics, so that they can be integrated into your own solutions.

Find out how to enable Insight and set up your first Grafana dashboard to monitor your internet access.



Step 1: retrieve your OVHcloud Insight metric reading token

1. Go to the APIv6 console here:

2. Authenticate with your OVHcloud credentials. You can find more information on using APIs in the First Steps with the OVHcloud APIs guide.

3. Use the following method to retrieve your read token:


4. Securely save your returned read token under the access key.

Step 2: set up your first Grafana dashboard

1. Go to the Grafana interface provided by OVHcloud at the following address:

2. Authenticate with your OVHcloud credentials.

3. Choose Add data source.


4. Configure the data source such as:

Name: Insight Warp10

Type: Warp10


5. Add a constant named token using your OVHcloud Insight reading token.


6. Click Add to complete this configuration.

7. Click on the Grafana icon in the top left and choose from the menu: Dashboard, then Import

8. Upload the following template: internet-access-grafana-dashboard-v3.json

9. Click Import to finish adding the template.



You now have your first Grafana dashboard to monitor your OVHcloud internet access.

The following information is currently available for your internet access:

  • incoming and outgoing bandwitdth
  • latency

And if your modem is compatible:

  • synchronisation
  • SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio)
  • attenuation
  • CRC errors (Cyclic Redundancy Check)
  • FEC errors (Far End Corrected)
  • HEC errors (Header Error Control)
  • synchronisation, connection and modem uptime

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