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Manage services

Manage the life cycle of your OVH Service after delivery

Last updated January 2 2020


We will describe part of the services lifecycle at OVHcloud through the API routes /service and /services.

The /service API route consists of actions common to all types of services at OVHcloud:

  • Invoices
  • Lifecycle management
  • Related contacts
  • API entry point for possible technical management




  • service : Core entity contractualised to OVHcloud
  • serviceId : OVHcloud service unique ID

Operation process


The call changes service status into suspend :

  • state : expired

The invoice is then blocked.


Where applicable:

The call will reopen the service and issue the invoice for the period between the suspension date and the reopen date.



The call will delete the service and data and issue the invoice for the period between the date of suspension and the date of deletion.

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