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Create a OVH sub-account and a user account with OVH API

Create a sub-account and a user account with OVH API to access to OVH Manager

Last updated January 2 2020


We will describe how to create a OVHcloud sub-account in order to create a unique identity that isolates visibility on services, billing. This guide will also show you how to add one or more logins to this sub-account to provide access the OVHcloud control panel.




  • /me/subAccount
  • /me/identity/user

Operation process

Create a sub-account

Retrieve and save the resulting ID.

Create a ConsumerKey for this sub-account

The ConsumerKey allows you to call the OVHcloud API with the identiy of the sub-account.

Create a user for this sub-account

With the previously created ConsumerKey.

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