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Manage payment and billing of OVHcloud services

Discover how to add a payment mean, automate accounting and manage your corporate billing

Last updated January 2 2020


We will describe part of your payment and billing cycle at OVHcloud.




  • /me/bill

Operation process

Add SEPA transfer payment method

Contact your sales representative and indicate that you would like to have a SEPA transfer payment method and the desired payment period (e.g.: 30, 45 or 60 days in France).

Additional attributes will be added to your account to authorize SEPA wire transfer payment, to specify the payment deadline and to enable permanent automatic renewal.

In the APIv6 and in your control panel, in your payment methods will appear a new item called: PaymentEnterprisewithxxdays.

How to enter a Purchase Order number (PO)

In order for OVHcloud to edit invoices with the desired Purchase Order (PO) number, contact your sales representative to give them this number.

If you change this PO number, contact your sales representative as soon as possible.

Retrieve sub-Account bills

Use the id of the sub-account and consumerkey to log on to APIv6.

Retrieve the list of bills associated with this subaccount:

Retrieve the detailed bill using the billID:

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