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Transferring a .uk domain name to OVHcloud

Find out how to transfer a .uk or related domain name to OVHcloud

Last updated 22nd June 2020


Transferring a .uk (or similar) domain name requires a specific approach.

This guide explains how to transfer a .uk (or similar) domain name to OVHcloud.


  • Your domain must not be in the Redemption period or Pending Delete status.
  • The domain must not be blocked by your registrar.
  • Owner contact information must be up to date in the Whois data of the domain.
  • You are able to obtain the authorisation code that will be sent to the domain owner's email address.

Extensions in question

  • .uk


Step 1: Changing your domain TAG

In order to transfer your domain to OVHcloud, you must first specify the OVHcloud TAG at your current registrar: "OVH-FR". The list of TAGs for the different registrars is available on the official Nominet registry website.

If you cannot change your domain's TAG through your current registrar, you can apply to the Nominet registry to make the change for you. Nominet will charge a fee for this service. Please refer to Nominet's website for more information.

Step 2: Obtaining the authorisation code

After you change the TAG, the domain name owner will receive an authorisation code (authcode) by email after a few minutes. This is valid for 5 days and required to initiate the (free) domain transfer order at OVHcloud.

Step 3: Ordering the free transfer

Once you have your authorisation code, you can create the transfer order for your domain name on the OVHcloud website. This order is similar to that of a generic domain name.

Your domain will then be available in your OVHcloud Control Panel within a few hours.

Additional information

Cost of a .uk domain transfer (or similar)

The transfer is free.

Authorisation code validity

The authorisation code is generated automatically as a result of the modification of the TAG. If the order is not made within 5 days, the transfer will be cancelled by the registrar.

Domain renewal due to transfer

The transfer being free, the domain's expiry date after changing registrars will be the same as before. To renew a domain after the transfer, you can create a renewal order on the OVHcloud website.

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Transferring a domain name to OVHcloud

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