Creating an email address with your MX Plan package

Find out how to create an email address with your MX Plan package

Last updated 4th April 2018


The email addresses in your MX Plan allow you to send and receive your email through your preferred device.

Find out how to create an email address with your MX Plan package.


  • You need to have an MX Plan email address (included in OVH Web Hosting plans or available separately).
  • You must be able to create email addresses as part of your package.
  • You must have permission to manage the MX Plan concerned from your OVH Control Panel.


Step 1: Log in to your email service's interface

To begin the procedure, log in to your OVH Control Panel. Click on Emails in the service menu on the left, then select the domain name for which you have taken out an MX Plan package. Next, go to the Emails tab.

The table shown contains all the email addresses created as part of your MX Plan package.


Step 2: Create the email address

To create a new email address, click on Create an email address. In the pop-up window, enter the following information:

Information Description
User name Enter the name for your email address (firstname.lastname, for example). The domain name concerned is already entered by default.
Account description Enter a short description that will distinguish this account from any other accounts added in your OVH Control Panel.
Account size Select the size of account you want. This size refers to the space available to your account for storing messages.
Password Define the password for this account, then confirm it.

Then click Next. Check that all the information displayed in the summary is correct. If it is, click on Next again.

Finally, click on Confirm to create the email address. You can repeat this process as many times as you like, to create multiple email addresses.

For security reasons, please follow the required conditions when you choose your password. We also recommend:

  • Not using the same password twice.

  • Setting a password that does not contain any personal information (don’t include your surname, first name, or date of birth, for example).

  • Renewing your password regularly.

  • Not keeping any written records of your password, and not sending passwords to other people using your email address.

  • Not saving your passwords in your browser, even if your browser offers to do so.


Step 3: Use the email address

Now, you just need to use your email addresses. To help you get started, OVH offers Roundcube: an online webmail application. Roundcube is available at the following address: You will need to enter the credentials for the email address that you created with OVH.

If you would like to configure your email address on an email client or device (e.g. a smartphone or tablet), please refer to our documentation via this portal:

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