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I have published my site but the OVH "site under contrsution" page is still displayed

When your hosting system was installed, OVH set up a "waiting" page while you were uploading files to your site.

If you only drop your own files into the "www" folder and do not delete the OVH content first, then you may encounter this problem.

To correct/fix this issue, you will need to remove or rename the "index.html" file that was created by OVH.

it may be useful to simply just rename the file so that you can reenable it at any time, and use it as your own "waiting" page

Something else to note: Your website's files must be placed in the "www" folder in order for them to display your website.

I cannot locate the database password

When installing your hosting package, the database that is included in this offer is not automatically installed. Therefore you will need to create the database yourself and this is why you do not receive an email with this information.

Log in to your Manager and select the relevant hosting.

Go to "Database" then "Create a database".

Select "MySQL" and the size of the database which is included in your offer.

Fill in the required information and then confirm to finish creating the database.

A few minutes later you will then receive an email with the information about your database.

If your database has already been created, you can modify the password for your database in "Database" by clicking on the little cog wheel next to your database, then on "Change the password".

Warning: in this instance you must change the password in your website's configuration file as well.

How to change your hosting package?

You would like to change your shared hosting offer but you do not know how.

Just follow our guide:

[url]=""] Change my hosting offer[/url]

How to set up a multi-domain?

Need help setting up your multi-domain on your OVH shared hosting offer?

Just follow our guide:

  • .

How can I see my statistics?

Access to your statistics is included in your hosting package. It is not necessary to purchase another service to view this.

A few days after your hosting is activated, you will gain access to your stats and you can begin tracking you site.

  • .

How to enable free hosting Start10M?

When you order a domain name, you will be able to get a free hosting offer. It includes 10MB storage space and a customisable 5GB email account.

You must activate this offer in your Manager.

Select the domain name in question then click on"Activate your web hosting plan".

Then click "Start 10M" then "Next"

Warning: If your domain already points to a specific site, we recommend that you do not change the DNS zone.

You will then have to wait a few minutes for the offer to install before you receive your FTP login and add an e-mail account.

However, There is no database included in this type of offer.

What does the following error mean?


This error occurs when you try to view a page that does not exist on the server.

The URL may also have been typed incorrectly, which amounts to requesting a page which does not existent.


This error is related to file permissions (CHMOD).

The user does not have sufficient rights to view the requested page.

These rights may be modified by OVH following hacking of the website or a manipulation by the customer.


The 500 error can be caused by:

  • A htaccess file that is misconfigured or poorly encoded,.

  • The file permissions are not correct;

  • Our robot Okillerd may have been alerted to a script which takes a long time to run, or an unauthorised command.

Address not found

First check that your Internet connection is active.

Remember to delete the browser cache, and make sure there are no firewalls that might interfere with your Internet connection.

This error can be caused by improper DNS configuration, or by using a non-existent domain name.

Error Establishing a database connection

This error is related to the connection to the database.

It can result from misconfigured client files which do not have the correct information to connect to the database.

It may also occur randomly when too many simultaneous connections are made to the database.

How to change the owner of a domain name?

Before we begin, know that there are special conditions for changing ownership of a domain names.

For more information related to the change of owner of a domain name, you can view the lists of domain names, available from this link:

Select the domain extension on the left side, then click Specifications.

How to transfer a domain name to OVH?

These guides explain how to transfer your domain name:

  • .

  • .

  • .

How do I redirect my domain name?

There are different ways to redirect your domain name.

This guide may help

  • .

How to add an email account?

Need help creating your e-mail address? Follow this guide:

  • .

How to create an e-mail address when the option is greyed out?

There could be several reasons for this error:

  • You've used all email accounts included in your hosting offer.

  • You do not have a hosting package, and therefore do not have an associated email account.

  • This operation is not feasible since you are using the billing Nic Handle. Make sure to use the technical or administrative Nic Handles.

To correct this situation, you must order a hosting package that will allow you to unlock the create new email icon, or reconnect with the appropriate nic-handle.

How to set up and send messages from Roundcube?

Need help to send an e-mail? Follow this user guide on Roundcube:

  • .

How to create an e-mail redirection?

You want to redirect your e-mail address to another?

Just follow this guide:

  • .

How to set up or delete an auto-response?

You want to create an autoresponder for your e-mail address?

Just follow this guide:

  • .

How to configure my e-mail address on my email client?

Various guides are available to help you configure your e-mail address on your various messaging software.

You can read our guides through this link:

  • .

Otherwise you will find different software settings below:

  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .

How to overcome the 5GB quota on my shared hosting?

To date, there are no offers which let you exceed the 5GB quota

You can either:

  • Change how you manage your e-mails, and do not store them all on the server.

  • View the Exchange Offer, which gives you a quota of 50 GB with the professional messaging.

Follow this link to find out more about Offer Exchange 2013 .

What does the following error mean?

553 sorry, that 'domain Is not allowed to be relayed through this MTA (# 5.7.1)

This error means that SMTP authentication is not enabled on your email settings

To correct this, enable authentication for the outgoing mail server.

To login, use your full email address as login, and password is the one you set for the e-mail account.

How do I change my contact services?

Here are two guides to help you manage your contacts services:

How do I change the information in my account?

To change your account information, go to your Manager.

  • Click on your customer ID in the top right.
  • Click on My account.

You can then edit the information in your account.

How to recover my Manager password?

It is possible to generate a new password for your OVH Manager

To do this simply follow this guide:

Why do I receive an error message when I want to change my country in my personal information?

It is not possible to change your country from the Manager. To change it, proceed as follows:

  • First update the postal information;
  • Then send an e-mail to support, containing a proof of address and a written confirmation of your request.

This will allow us to edit the country of your account. You will, however, still receive support from the support group related to the country in which the customer account and contracts have been validated.

If my domain name is not registered with OVH, is it still possible to order a hosting package or email service?

You can of course order a hosting or email solution with OVH. However, for it to work, you may need to configure your current domain name to use our services.

For an e-mail package:

choose one of the following configurations for email offers here:

  • No protection;
  • and simple anti-spam, different priorities;
  • and : anti-spam + antivirus, different priorities;

  • allows you to forward your emails to another address (does not let you manage domain POP accounts. OVH DNS must be used in this configuration).

Then forward it to your current provider to change your current DNS zone.

For an hosting package:

  • Get the IP address for your shared hosting.

Then forward it to your current provider to change your current DNS zone.

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