Creating contact groups

Find out how to manage mailing lists in Exchange

Last updated 26th February 2020


Exchange groups enable multiple participants to communicate by sending emails to a unique group address. With this collaborative feature you can create and manage mailing lists that include Exchange users as well as external contacts.

This guide explains how to use Exchange groups via the OVHcloud Control Panel and Outlook Web App (OWA).



Step 1: Creating a new group

First, log in to your OVHcloud Control Panel, navigate to the Webcloud section, and select your Exchange service from the column under Microsoft Exchange. Click on the Groups tab in the horizontal menu.


Clicking on Create a contact group will open a new window where you can define the group's settings:


Name Description
Email address The new address that will send messages to the mailing list. Please note that you cannot enter an existing email address.
Group name The display name that appears in your OVHcloud Control Panel and in OVHcloud webmail (OWA).
Max size incoming / outgoing You can specify the maximum size of incoming and outgoing emails.
Hide in Outlook If this box is ticked, the group address will not appear in the Exchange service's list of addresses.
Authentication required If this box is ticked, only users on the same platform will be able to send a message using the group address.

Please note that the options "Manage subscribers" and "Manage un-subscribers" were disabled by our administrators for security reasons. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Click Next to continue.

On the second page, define the members of the group and choose the "Administrators". The choices will only include email addresses and external contacts that are already created on the service.


Please note that administrators also have to be set as "Contacts" to receive group emails. Click Next to continue and finalise your choices by clicking Confirm.

Step 2: Managing groups

Your newly created group will be operational within a few minutes. From the group list you can adjust the settings described above by clicking ... and selecting them from the menu.


Additionally, the menu item Manage delegations will be displayed. With this option you will be able to delegate access in the same way as for an Exchange account. Please find the details in this guide.


Please note that any changes to the service may take a few minutes to be applied. You can check the status of most operations by selecting More+ and Recent tasks from the horizontal menu.

Step 3: Messaging a group in OWA

You can now test your mailing list via OVHcloud webmail (OWA): simply send an email to the group address.


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