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Exchange 2013/2016: How to use the groups feature (mailing lists)

Step 1: Setup via the Web Control Panel

First log in to your Customer account.

Then select your Exchange service by clicking on it in the left-hand column under "Exchange".

Click on the "Groups" tab, and then "Create a contact group" on the right.

Step 2: Setup via the Web Control Panel

A new window will open. Please enter the following information:

"Email address": the email address that will send messages to the mailing list. Please note: you cannot enter an existing email address.

"Name of group": the display name that appears in your Web Control Panel and in OVH webmail.

"Max size incoming": you can specify the size of attachments for incoming and outgoing emails.

"Manage subscribers": specifies the security level of access to the group. Open: anyone can subscribe to the group. Moderate: an administrator validates the subscription. Closed: the administrator subscribes group members to the list. The same applies for "Manage un-subscribers"

"Hide in Outlook": if this box is ticked, the group address will not appear in the Exchange service list of addresses.

"Authentication required": if this box is ticked, only group members will be able to send a message using the group address.

Click on "Next" to continue.

Step 3: Setup via the Web Control Panel

Simply follow these two steps:

Firstly, define your subscribers and who will be the "Administrators" and "Contacts". Please note: only the email addresses entered as "Contacts" will receive the emails sent to the mailing list. Click "Next" to continue.

Secondly, finalise your choices by clicking "Confirm".

Step 4: Setup via the Web Control Panel

Your group will appear in the Web Control Panel within minutes.

You can adjust the settings of your groups using the various icons that appear on the left.

Step 1: Example of usage in OWA

You can now test your mailing list via OVH webmail.

Simply send an email to the group address.

Step 2: Example of usage in OWA

Your email should be correctly sent.

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