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Exchange 2016: how to set up automatic replies in OWA

how to set up automatic replies in OWA guide


This feature enables you to set up automatic replies for when you're away on holiday, or for any other reason.

How do you set up an automatic reply?

Set up

Once you're logged in to the Exchange interface via the Outlook Web App (OWA), you can access this feature via the [blue "Settings" button (the gear symbol) and then "Set automatic replies" .

You can also access it via: "Settings", "Options", "Mail", "Automatic Replies".

You will then see the following interface:

Click on "Send automatic replies"and define, if necessary, the time period during which the automatic replies will be sent.

You have access to a content editor to create the format of your message (size, font, hyperlink, etc.).

Response types

You can set up various types of automatic replies (or responses):

  • For senders within your organisation only.

Automatic replies will only be sent to Exchange users on your Exchange platform.


  • for senders within and outside your organisation.

You can, for example, choose to send a particular automatic reply to people in your organisation (your colleagues) and a different reply for people outside your organisation (clients, friends, etc.).

Additional information

When automatic replies are enabled, you receive emails as normal in your inbox.

When you define a time period for your automatic replies, a new button will appear on the blue strip at the very top of the interface.

You can disable "automatic replies" using this button.

  • Please note: to avoid spamming, the automatic reply is sent only once to each sender.

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