Managing the billing for Exchange accounts

Find out how to manage the billing for your Exchange service

Last updated 20th April 2020


The Hosted Exchange and Private Exchange services offer flexible management for account billing. This guide details how to configure it.

This guide explains how to manage subscriptions for your Exchange accounts.



Log in to your OVHcloud Control Panel and select Web Cloud. Click Microsoft, then Exchange. Next, select the Exchange service concerned.

Hosted Exchange

Ordering additional accounts

Go to the Email accounts tab, then click on the Actions button in the top left-hand corner. Next, click Order accounts.


Changing the renewal frequency for your accounts

In the window for managing your Exchange platform, click on the Actions button in the top right-hand corner, then click Renewal configuration.


You will be redirected to the “My services” section of the OVHcloud Control Panel. You will notice that a filter has been applied, to only display the Exchange platform you are modifying.

Click ... to the right of the Exchange platform, then Modify billing.


In this new window, you can view and modify the billing for each of your accounts. You can make changes via the Renewal column for one or more accounts at once. Each modification on an account will be applied on the date listed in the Expiry column.

In the example below, you will see the actions you need to take in order to set an account to monthly renewal:

In the first step, click Monthly to the right of the account, then click Next.

In the second step, you will see a summary listing the change that has been applied. Click Send on the bottom left.


Deleting accounts

To delete an account on your Hosted Exchange platform, you will need to cancel it by setting its renewal configuration to Cancel on expiry. To do this, refer to the step on changing the renewal frequency for your accounts.

Once you have cancelled it, the account will be suspended on its expiry date. If you would like to delete the email address hosted by the account before its expiry date, you can reset it.

Go to the Email accounts tab for your platform, then click ... next to the account concerned. Finally, click Reset. Once you have reset the account, it will remain empty until its expiry date.

Private Exchange

On a Private Exchange platform, only monthly renewal is available for accounts. You cannot configure any other renewal frequencies.

Ordering additional accounts

Go to the Email accounts tab, then click on the Actions button in the top left-hand corner. Next, click Add an account. The account will be billed for the current month.


Deleting accounts

In the Email accounts tab, click ... to the right of the account concerned, then click Delete. The account will be immediately removed from the platform, and you will not need to cancel it.


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