Information about Hosted Private Cloud billing

Details about the Hosted Private Cloud billing

The resources necessary for the functioning of the service

Several features of the Hosted Private Cloud are billed monthly:

  • For vShpere, you must have one host and one storage to make the service work.

  • For vCloud, the system is automated, you can define your need directly in your vCloud interface.

The creation of your Hosted Private Cloud:

If you create your Hosted Private Cloud on December 15 for example your service remains available until January 15.

On 1st January, you will receive an invoice corresponding to the service for the remaining period from 15th to 30th January. You will be then billed monthly the following months.


If you order a Hosted Private Cloud and want to delete it during the first month of contract, you won't get any credit note for the remaining time that you have not used. This also applies to the resources of your Hosted Private Cloud in billed monthly.

e.g: You take the service or one of these resources the first of the month, you delete it on the 15th of the same month. You can not receive a credit for the 15 days remaining that month and that you have already paid.

Resources billed hourly are charged at the end of the month.

You can find the hourly rate on our website.

Once the order is made, you can make your payment by credit/debit card.

If you want to make a bank transfer please specify the order number on your transfer note to avoid any possible delays in processing your order.

Add resources billed monthly

Adding resources billed monthly is only possible in your Manager in the "Hosted Private Cloud" section. Select the virtual datacentre where you want to add resources. Choose the host model or datastore you want to order. An order will be generated automatically, and your resources will be added in your Hosted Private Cloud upon receipt of payment.

Add resources billed hourly

Hourly resources are added directly in vSphere by selecting the "inventory" tab and by clicking on the Hosted Private Cloud tab.

You must have at least one host and one monthly storage for vSphere.

Monthly resources must be renewed at the beginning of each month, along with the resources billed hourly and consumed in the previous month.

How does the renewal work?

You have an OVH account which can be credited at any time. You can find it in your Manager in the billing section.

Automatic renewal

The Dedicated cloud has a tacit agreement for the monthly renewal. You can set a payment method in your OVH account. This allows to pay your invoices automatically. This configuration is available in your manager in billing section.

Please note that the automatic renewal is strongly advised to avoid service interruption.

Manual renewal

The Hosted Private Cloud is renewed on the first of each month.

For a bank transfer, please specify the order number. This will avoid any possible delays in processing your order and your OVH account will be credited before the due date.

If we do not receive any payment, we will send a reminder 3 times to the email you provided in your OVH account. We will ask you to proceed with the payment asap to avoid any suspension of your service.

If your account is still outstanding after sending these 3 reminders, your Hosted Private Cloud will no longer be accessible.

There is a special "Easy Start" package offer. These offers are valid as long as its components remain present in the Hosted Private Cloud.

In case of removal or replacement of any of these resources (host, storage), you will lose the price advantage over the entire pack containing such resources. However you can add resources without impacting your original package and its offer.

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