Managing users and projects

Find out how to manage users and projects in your OVHcloud Managed private registry (Harbor).

Last updated 13th April, 2022.


OVHcloud Managed Private Registry service provides you a managed Harbor, an authenticated Docker registry where you can privately store your Docker images. This guide will explain how to manage users and projects on your OVHcloud Managed Private Registry service.



You can manage projects, users and rights on your private registry by using the Harbor UI.

Creating a new project

A project in Harbor contains all repositories of an application. No images can be pushed to Harbor before the project is created.

There are two types of project in Harbor:

  • Public: All users can read from a public Harbor project
  • Private: Only users with proper privileges can read from this projects.

Let's create a private project:

  1. Create a new project on Harbor UI

    Managing users and projects

  2. Call it private and leave the public checkbox unchecked

    Managing users and projects

Keep -1 for the storage quota if you don't want limitations.

After the project is created, you can browse repositories, helm charts, members, labels, scanner, policy, robot accounts, webhooks, logs and configuration using the navigation tab.

Managing users and projects

Creating a new user and giving it rights on the private project

Now you're going to create a new user and give him developer rights over the private project.

  1. Go to the Users section of Harbor UI and click on New user

    Managing users and projects

  2. Add a new private-user user. For the e-mail domain, use the domain found in the URL of your Harbor UI

    Managing users and projects

  3. The new user is now visible in your Harbor UI

    Managing users and projects

  4. Go back to the Projects section, choose the private project and in the Members tab, click on +User

    Managing users and projects

  5. Add the private-user as member to the project, and give him a Developer role

    Managing users and projects

The private-user is now a member of the private project.

Managing users and projects

Go further

To go further you can look at our guide on Creating and using a private image.

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