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Change project contacts

Change project contacts

With the OVH Public Cloud you can now change the contacts for billing and project administration. This means that you can seperate the OVH account which manages your bills from the OVH account which manages your various instances.

This guide explains how to edit your contacts.


  • two OVH accounts
  • a Public Cloud project

In order to modify your project contacts, first go to the Project management and resources usage tab.

Then go to the Contacts and rights menu.

You will now see your current administrative and billing contacts.

When you click on Modify you will be taken to a new page which lets you modify your contacts:

Once you have configured the new contacts, the two OVH accounts will receive an email containing a code allowing them to confirm this change:

You have to confirm this procedure in both accounts.

To do this go to your account properties and select my contacts on the right:

For the original contact, you have to go to the My sent requests section, for the new contact, it will be My received requests A line will now appear as follows:

You just have to insert the code which you have just received by email into the window which appeared after you confirmed the procedure from both accounts.

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