Comparative tables between AI Notebooks, AI Training, AI Deploy

Discover the main differences between each of the OVHcloud AI tools' bricks

Last updated 1st September, 2022.


OVHcloud provides a set of managed tools designed for building your machine learning projects. This guide explains the main differences between our AI tools, commonly called AI Notebooks, AI Training and AI Deploy.


OVHcloud AI tools work inside our Public Cloud ecosystem. Once logged in to your Public Cloud project, you have access to AI tools including:

  • AI Notebooks
  • AI Training
  • AI Deploy

Each of them are autonomous tools, billed per minute and with shared elements, such as security tokens, etc.

All AI Tools have access to OVHcloud Object Storage as a central point, allowing you to work with your data securely and easily.

We schematize our AI offers this way:

OVHcloud AI tools

Comparative tables

Product offers AI Notebooks AI Training AI Deploy
Description Managed Jupyter or VSCode notebook, linked to compute resources (CPU or GPU) and storage. Automate your trainings, deploy your own Docker container, linked to compute resources (CPU of GPU), and attached storage. Deploy with high-availability your own AI application and models via Docker containers or select one from our catalog
Billing Resources per minute per minute per minute
AI Features AI Notebooks AI Training AI Deploy
Managed Jupyter Notebook with preinstalled libraries X
Managed VSCode Notebook with preinstalled libraries X
Automate Training phases (timeout, grid computing, ...) X
Bring your own Docker image (with notebooks inside, models, whatever) and connect to compute and storage resources X X
Deploy your managed applications and models with high-availability X
Deploy AI applications from a catalog made with partners X
Management AI Notebooks AI Training AI Deploy
Control panel X X X
Resources AI Notebooks AI Training AI Deploy
CPU resources X X X
CPU flavors available ai1-1-CPU ai1-1-CPU ai1-1-CPU
GPU resources X X X
GPU flavors available ai1-1-GPU ai1-1-GPU ai1-1-GPU
RAM Memory X X X
Dask computing X
Cold-patch resources (adjust gpu/cpu/, attached storage) X
Local SSD-NVMe storage X X X
Local SSD-NVMe storage size depends on selected flavors depends on selected flavors depends on selected flavors
Ability to attach a remote storage (Object Storage) X X X
Pull Storage Sync (from object storage) X X X
Push Storage sync (to object storage) X X
Maximum runtime unlimited unlimited unlimited
Ability to add a runtime timeout (via CLI) X
Security AI Notebooks AI Training AI Deploy
ACL via Openstack user X X X
ACL via tokens X X X
Backups and resiliency
Automatic backup
Backup when you stop X
High availability X (when replicas > 1)
Auto scaling Planned
Advanced features and parameters AI Notebooks AI Training AI Deploy
Labels X X X
Start / Stop / Resume X X
Easily import data from Git/* via UI X
Unchanging endpoint URL X


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