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Managing SMS credits and enabling automatic re-crediting

Find out how to manage your OVHcloud SMS credits

Last updated 04th June 2020


The purpose of this guide is to explain what SMS credits are, how to set up automatic re-crediting, and how to transfer credits between your SMS accounts.


  • an OVHcloud account
  • access to the OVHcloud API (for credit transfers only)


SMS credits

0.8 SMS credit is the cost for sending 1 SMS message in Ireland. The price is degressive depending on the number of SMS credits you buy at once.

You can view the list of SMS packs here.

E.g. to purchase a pack of 100 SMS credits, each credit costs 0.048 €

Sending 1 SMS message in Ireland costs 0.8 credit. With this pack, you can send 125 SMS messages in Ireland. Sending 1 SMS message in India costs 0.1 credit. With this pack, you can send 1,000 SMS messages in India.

On this webpage, you can view the price in credits for sending SMS messages, depending on their destination.

An SMS message can only contain a limited number of characters, depending on its encoding. The details on encoding and valid characters is available in the following guide:

Sending SMS messages via the OVHcloud Control Panel

Automatic re-crediting

To ensure that you are never short of credit on your account, you can enable automatic re-crediting. Once a minimum threshold of remaining credit has been reached, a new number of credits is automatically added to your SMS account.

To enable automatic re-crediting, log in to the OVHcloud Control Panel, then go to the Telecom tab. Next, click on the SMS section in the services bar on the left-hand side. Choose the SMS account you would like to enable automatic re-crediting for.

Go to the Options menu (1), then Automatic re-crediting (2).

credit sms

Then click Modify in the “Manage options” section.

credit sms

Finally, fill in the required fields.

  • Minimum threshold (1): When this threshold is reached, automatic re-crediting is triggered.
  • Amount to re-credit (2): Defines the number of credits to re-credit on to your SMS account. There are 5 possible choices: 100, 200, 250, 500, and 1,000.
  • Click Confirm (3) to apply the setting.

credit sms

Transfer credits

Credit can only be transferred between SMS accounts with the same OVHcloud NIC handle. Credit cannot be transferred between two different OVHcloud NIC handles.

SMS credits can only be transferred via the API.

Log in to, then use the following API call:

You will need to fill in the following fields.

  • serviceName: Enter the reference for the SMS account currently holding the credits.
  • credits: Enter the number of credits you want to transfer.
  • smsAccountTarget: Enter the reference for the SMS account that will receive the credits.

Click Execute to confirm the transfer. The process is immediate.

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