Launching your first SMS campaign

Find out how to launch an SMS campaign

Last updated 5th August 2022


OVHcloud provides tools integrated into the OVHcloud Control Panel, for sending SMS messages. This guide will help you get familiar with these tools, and use them to send your first SMS campaign.


  • an OVHcloud SMS account with SMS credits
  • You must be logged in to OVHcloud Control Panel, in the Telecom section, then SMS.

SMS Telecom Control Panel


Log in to the OVHcloud Control Panel, then select Telecom. Next, click SMS and select your SMS account.

The toolbar and shortcuts will give you access to the main features for sending SMS campaigns.


Step 1: Add contacts

Add a contact list

A contact list can be imported via a .csv or .txt file.

To add a contact list, click the Contacts tab, and then click Create a contact list.


With the following guide, you can find out how to create a list of SMS recipients.

Add an address book

Unlike contact lists, address books contain contacts that you can name and more easily identify for targeted campaigns.

To add an address book, click the Contacts tab, then Address book.


Refer to our guide on Managing SMS address books to find out more.

Step 2: Create a sender

By default, SMS messages from an OVHcloud account in France are sent from a short number, which enables recipients to reply back. You may want to create an alpha-numeric sender name via the Senders tab, so that your SMS messages are sent with your company or organisation’s name.


To do this, you can refer to the section on choosing an SMS sender, in our guide on sending SMS messages via the OVHcloud Control Panel.

Step 3: Sending an SMS campaign

In the Message and Campaign tab, you can access the sending options, the log of SMS messages sent and received, and scheduled SMS messages that are due to be sent in future.


To send a unit SMS message via the OVHcloud Control Panel, you can refer to this guide.

To send an SMS campaign, click Campaign Management, then Create a campaign.


First, enter a name for your campaign in the field provided.

Then choose the sender from the list.


Then compose your message, and choose between sending it immediately or sending it on schedule. If you choose to schedule your campaign, you will need to define the date and time of sending.


You just need to click the Send button to send or schedule your campaign.

Go further

See our guide on managing your SMS history.

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