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How to create an SMS recipient list

Find out how to create a list of SMS recipients.

Last updated 23rd June 2020


All OVHcloud SMS accounts can use one or more recipient lists. This guide will describe the method for creating a recipient list.


  • an active OVHcloud SMS account
  • a spreadsheet or text editor tool


Step 1: Create your recipient list.

Method via spreadsheet

You can create a recipient list via a spreadsheet, or use a list that already exists. This list must be in .csv format, and have the layout below in a spreadsheet:


If you open a .csv file with a notepad program, it should look similar to this:


The following points are vital for your recipient list to be processed properly on the OVHcloud Control Panel:

  • All of your contacts must be on the same sheet in your spreadsheet file, in a number column.
  • Special characters, like accents, must be deleted because they will not be accepted when you import the .csv file to the OVHcloud Control Panel.
  • Phone numbers must be entered in international format (e.g. for a UK phone number: +44712345678).
  • Save your spreadsheet file in .csv format (separator: semi-colon).

To ensure that the spreadsheet does not perform any automated calculations on your numbers, configure the format of your number cell in the Custom field, and manually enter the following: >0]+0;Standard.


Method via text editor

An alternative method involves simply creating a .txt file via a text editor or notepad program.

  • Enter “number” into the first line.
  • Enter your phone numbers in international format (+44712345678), with one number per line.

You should end up with the result below:


Step 2: Log in to the interface.

Log in to the OVHcloud Control Panel, then select Telecom. Next, select SMS in the left-hand menu.

Then click on the SMS account concerned.


Step 3: Import your recipient lists.

Select the Contacts tab.


You can create up to 9 contact lists.

To do this, simply click Actions, then Add.


Name your recipient list file, and import your local file on to the OVHcloud Control Panel.


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