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Manage your SMS history

Find out how to view your sent messages log from your OVHcloud account

Last updated 23rd June 2020


You can view and download a log of your sent SMS messages from your OVHcloud Control Panel. This guide will explain how to do this.



The log records the date, time, sender, recipient and contents of the sent SMS.

The Control Panel can only display the last 6 months of your log. To view older messages, go to Step 2: downloading the sending log as a CSV.

Step 1: viewing the log in your Control Panel

Log in to the OVHcloud Control Panel, then select Telecom (1). Next, click SMS on the left (2), and select your SMS account (3).

Select the SMS tab (4), then Sending Log (5).


You can click on the ‘Date’ column on the left to sort your log by send date.


The Actions ... heading at the end of each SMS allows you to view or delete the message.


To delete several SMS messages at once, tick the boxes next to each message. The Delete the SMS selected button will appear above the log.


The Filter button allows you to filter your search by sender (if you have several senders) or by recipient.


Step 2: downloading the sending log as a CSV

Click on the Actions button above your log then on Download to download your SMS log in a .csv format.


You can then view the log using a spreadsheet program. The information will be able to be displayed such as in the example below.


Here is a breakdown of the information included in the log:

Title Description
id the unique id for the sent SMS used by our servers
date the date and time that the SMS was sent
sender the sender of the SMS message
receiver the recipient’s phone number
ptt the return code on the SMS status
operatorCode the network ID of the mobile operator to which we sent the SMS
descriptionDlr the description of the ptt code received and therefore the status of the SMS
tag the tag attributed either manually via the APIs (to one or more SMS messages) or automatically by our servers to each sent SMS (or each SMS campaign)
message the content of the SMS

Further information about the ptt codes and various DLR IDs can be found in the final section of the guide Everything you need to know about SMS users.

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