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Sending SMS messages to the USA

Find out how to send SMS messages to the USA

Last updated 17/12/2019


There are specific rules for sending SMS to the United States. The guide will explain the rules and show you how to apply them, so that you can send SMS messages to the US.


  • an OVHcloud SMS account with SMS credits.
  • access to your OVHcloud account.


Step 1: understanding the restrictions

In accordance with the US SMS regulation authority (Neustar), a message template must be validated through our services before an SMS can be sent to this destination. Only alert and two-factor authentication messages are authorised, and advertising SMS templates are not accepted. Once you have set your templates, the SMS will be sent the same way as for other countries.

You can request the validation of multiple message templates.

Setting message templates is free and is carried out by the OVHcloud teams within two working days.

Step 2: adding a template

2.1 Via the Control Panel

Log in to your OVHcloud Control Panel, then select Telecom (1). Next, click SMS on the left, and select your SMS account (2). Click on the SMS tab (3) and finally on Manage templates (4).

SMS messages to the USA

On the next page, click on Actions then on Add.

SMS messages to the USA

A pop-up will appear with fields to complete.

SMS messages to the USA

Field Description
Name Template name
Activity Select the template type:
- Alert
- Authentication
- Transaction processing system
Description Template description
Template Write the template, including the variable between #

2.2 Via APIs

Log in to, then use the following API:

SMS messages to the USA

Fill in the required fields and click on Execute.

Examples of templates

Below are two examples of message templates that can be sent to the US.

  • Authentication template example:
Your security code is: #CODE#. Have a good day!
  • Alert template example:
Our monitoring system detected your server #SERVER# doesn't respond to ping requests

Step 3: analysing returns

Once your message template has been created and validated, the outgoing SMS automatically compares your content with your templates. If the comparison is positive, the SMS is sent in the same way as one sent to another recipient.

If you send an SMS to the US without creating and validating a template, the SMS will be rejected and the Premium Tracking Transaction Code (PTT code) 1999 will be sent to you, which corresponds to the “No templates available” error message.

You can view the other possible return codes in this guide.

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