Modifying a FTP user password

Find out how to change the password for a FTP user created on your OVHcloud Web Hosting plan

Last updated 5th May 2020


OVHcloud Web Hosting plans provide you with access to a storage space you can use to put your website’s files online. You can access this storage space using a FTP user account, and the password associated with it.

Find out how to change the password for a FTP user created on your OVHcloud Web Hosting plan.



Step 1: Access the FTP user management interface

Log in to your OVHcloud Control Panel, click Web hosting in the services bar on the left-hand side, then choose the appropriate Web Hosting plan. Go to the FTP - SSH tab.

The table will provide you with a list of FTP user accounts created on your Web Hosting plan. You can use these user accounts to access your storage space and put your website’s files online. A user account will be created automatically when you set up your Web Hosting plan.


Step 2: Modify the FTP user password

There are two ways you can modify an FTP user's password, depending on which OVHcloud Web Hosting plan you are using:

  • For Web Hosting plans that can only have one FTP user (Start 10M and Personal): Click on the pencil icon in the Password column of the table, enter the new password in the field, and confirm the change.

  • For Web Hosting plans that can have several FTP users (Professional and Performance): click on the cogwheel icon to the right of the user you have selected, then click Change password. Enter your new password in the window that opens, and click Confirm.

The password change will require a few minutes to take effect.

For security reasons, please follow the required conditions when you choose a new password. We also recommend:

  • Not using the same password twice.

  • Setting a password that does not contain any personal information (don’t include your surname, first name, or date of birth, for example).

  • Renewing your password regularly.

  • Not keeping any written records of your password, and not sending passwords to other people via email.

  • Not saving your passwords in your browser, even if your browser offers to do so.

Step 3: Access your storage space

Once you have modified the FTP user password, you can then access your storage space.

There are several ways of doing this, depending on which OVHcloud Web Hosting plan you are using:

  • Using FTP Explorer: Enables you to access your storage space via your browser. To use it, stay in the FTP - SSH tab, and click FTP Explorer.

  • Using FTP-compatible software: You will need to install an FTP-compatible program on your computer (e.g. FileZilla).

  • Using SSH access: You will need to use commands from a terminal to interact with your storage space. This access type will require more advanced technical knowledge.

Go further

To find out more about password security, refer to this comprehensive advice page published by Get Safe Online

FileZilla user guide

SSH on web hosting packages

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