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Upgrading Kubernetes version on an OVHcloud Managed Kubernetes cluster

Last updated September 5th, 2019.


OVHcloud Managed Kubernetes service provides you Kubernetes clusters without the hassle of installing or operating them. In this guide we cover how you can easily upgrade your cluster to the next minor version of Kubernetes.

On OVHcloud Managed Kubernetes we have deployed a Upgrade to the next minor version of Kubernetes feature to upgrade your cluster from one version to the next (e.g. 1.13 to 1.14).


  • An OVHcloud Managed Kubernetes cluster

Important information on the upgrading process

Before you launch the upgrade, please back up your cluster’s configuration, and check that your worker tools are compatible with this new version.

The upgrading process will try to do a rolling upgrade. Please ensure that your cluster includes enough worker nodes to allow for a rolling upgrade.

To minimise downtime for your pods and your overall service, we will drain each of your nodes, only moving on to the next node when the current one is functional (i.e. when the status changes to ‘Ready’). Your admin components and server API will also be updated.

This operation usually takes around 5 minutes per node in your cluster, but that can vary depending on your cluster type and size.

Once the update has been performed, you cannot revert to the previous version.


Step 1 - Ask for a minor version upgrade on the OVH Cloud Manager

  1. Access our administration UI for your OVHcloud Managed Kubernetes clusters by clicking on the Managed Kubernetes Service menu in the OVH Cloud Manager

    Access to the administration UI

  2. Click on the right end button and choose Manage cluster

    Click on the right end button and choose Manage cluster

  3. On the Management section, click on Upgrade to the next minor version

    Click on Upgrade to the next minor version

  4. Click on Confirm

    Click on Confirm

Step 2 - Wait for the upgrading to end

The upgrading process can take several minutes ( around 5 minutes per node in your cluster). During that time, a message on the manager warns you that the cluster is being upgraded:

Wait for the end of the upgrade

Go further

To have an overview of OVHcloud Managed Kubernetes service, you can go to the OVHcloud Managed Kubernetes site.

Otherwise to skip it and learn more about using your Kubernetes cluster the practical way, we invite you to look at our tutorials .

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