Technical capabilities and limitations

Learn the technical capabilities and limitations of the OVHcloud Connect solution

Last updated 13th January 2022


This page provides an overview of the technical capabilities and limitations of the OVHcloud Connect solution.


  • 1000Base-LX/LH for 1Gb
  • 10GBase-LR for 10Gb
  • Jumbo frame up to 9000 bytes
  • Autonegotiation not supported

Technical limitationss

Layer 2 mode

  • The number of client-side MAC addresses is limited to 512 per port

Layer 3 mode

  • Each EntryPoint/POP supports only one BGP session (no eBGP Multihop)
  • Each EndPoint/DC supports up to 4 BGP peers
  • Up to 100 prefixes can be announced per BGP session

Unsupported features

Layer 2 mode

  • 802.1p CoS-based
  • DCBX and related protocols (802.1Qbb, 802.1Qaz, 802.1Qau)
  • TRILL, SPF and FabricPath
  • FCoE
  • Spannning-tree
  • IGMP and Multicast
  • EtherChannel, PaGP for aggregation

Layer 3 mode

  • IPv6
  • Any QoS mechanism
  • 802.1q tag
  • Multi-VRF
  • eBGP Multi-Hop
  • iBGP
  • Static routing in EntryPoint/PoP

Known issues

Description Detail Cause Workaround Affected sites
DC routes not propagated to PoP When using AS65501, routes announced using BGP in vRack are not propagated to PoP OVHcloud internal configuration Do not use AS65501 ALL
ECMP not working When ECMP is configured on a single PoP with 2 or more links, traffic is not load-balanced for a given destination Limitation Divide destination with more specific prefixes ALL PoPs
Light received but port is down Device fails to change interface status to UP despite optical levels on RX are correct Autonegotiation is configured Unconfigure autonegotiation ALL PoPs

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