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Concepts overview - OVHcloud Connect

Last updated 14th September 2020

What is OVHcloud Connect?

OVHcloud Connect describes a connection between your vRack and an external network.

OVHcloud Connect

Benefits of OVHcloud Connect

Dedicated service

Dedicated Mode is a direct connection with OVHcloud devices. You can manage different configurations, from a single connection to a multiple one using LACP (Layer 2) or BGP-ECMP (Layer 3) with port speed at 1Gb or 10Gb. Interface and bandwidth are not shared with other customers.

Private connection

Your traffic is isolated from the Internet. You manage your own VLANs (Layer 2) and/or your own IP addresses (Layer 3). Even BGP instances are private and you can configure the ASN you want.

OVHcloud Connect is connected to your vRack with all compatible services.

Network extension

OVHcloud Connect can be connected either to your WAN or your data centre network, allowing extension to the cloud or even easing your migration by keeping VLAN topology or IP addresses.

High availability

Using BGP, you can inter-connect your network through several PoPs and reach several OVHcloud data centres. From your vRack, configure BGP to enable maximum resiliency with distributed services.

Components of OVHcloud Connect

PoP - EntryPoint

Points of presence are facilities like Equinix, InterXion, Telehouse or Global Switch. OVHcloud Connect's service entry PoP is called EntryPoint.

DC - EndPoint

The OVHcloud data centre is the service EndPoint of OVHcloud Connect.


A cross-connection is a physical link (monomode fiber) managed by the local facility team in the PoP. The cross-connection is established in the MMR (meet-me room) between the position given by OVHcloud and the position owned by the customer. The customer must order and manage the cross-connect for OVHcloud Connect Direct.


OVHcloud Private Network, available on compute resources between all OVHcloud data centres.


BGP is the routing protocol to use when using Layer 3 mode.

Principles of OVHcloud Connect

OVHcloud Connect is based on a virtual link between an EntryPoint and an EndPoint. The EntryPoint is where you want to make the inter-connection with OVHcloud. The EndPoint is the OVHcloud data centre with your services. You can choose any data centre in the same region as the PoP.

Layer 2 Mode (L2)

The virtual link is a L2 tunnel for OVHcloud Connect L2. Only one PoP/EntryPoint with one DC/EndPoint can be configured.

Layer 3 Mode (L3)

The virtual link is a full mesh IP network between any PoP/EntryPoint and any DC/EndPoint of the same region.

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