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Adding hourly resources

Find out how to add resources that are billed on an hourly basis

Last updated 4th February 2019


With our Private Cloud solutions, you can add resources that are billed per hour of usage.

This guide will show you how to add hourly resources via the Private Cloud vSphere interface.



Select the resource.

To access the interface where you can add hourly resources, select the datacenter, then click Configure.

Add a host

In our example, we will add a host server that will be billed per hour. Once you have chosen a model, click Next. Please note that to add a datastore, you will need to click on the Add OVH Storage tab.

Add a host

Confirm the order.

To confirm and finalise your order, click Next.

Track the setup.

Once you have confirmed your order, you can track progress as the resource is being added.

A task will also appear in the 'recent tasks' list on your vSphere interface. You can also use this task to track the resource addition.

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