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Using the OVH Private Cloud plugin

Find out how to use the OVH Private Cloud plugin

Last updated 26th October 2018


With the OVH Private Cloud plugin, you can add dedicated resources to your infrastructure in just a few minutes.

Find out how to use the OVH Private Cloud plugin.



Two dedicated resources can be billed hourly as an option: - host servers - datastores

In the vSphere web client, simply go to the “Host and Cluster” section, and open the tree-view on the left-hand side. You can then access the plugin menus via the Configure tab for the datacentre or the cluster.

The Add OVH Host menu is dedicated to host servers. You can view their technical details and order new host servers here.

You can also order additional data stores from the Add OVH Storage menu.

There is also another way to access these menus. You can right-click on the infrastructure’s datacentre or cluster, then choose OVH Private Cloud.

OVH Dedicated Cloud Option

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