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Removing a datastore

Find out how to remove a datastore from your Private Cloud

Last updated 24th July 2020


In certain cases — like replacing a datastore or scaling it up to a higher capacity, for example — it may be useful to remove a datastore from your cluster.

This guide will show you how to securely remove a datastore from your infrastructure.



Please note that you cannot remove the two 300 GB or 1.2 TB datastores included in your pack. For security reasons, the removal request will also be blocked if you have virtual machines (VMs) on the datastore concerned (they will be listed in the confirmation window).

To remove a datastore, right-click on the resource concerned. Then select OVHcloud, and Remove this Storage.

Choice of datastore

A confirmation window will pop up. Confirm by clicking Next.

Confirm removal

The removal request will then be processed.

Removal confirmed

You can also monitor the progress of the datastore removal in Recent Tasks.

Removal monitoring task

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