Deploying cPanel on a VPS'

Find out how to instantiate a VPS with the pre-installed cPanel application

Last updated 14th October 2021


cPanel is a control panel designed for web hosting. Web hosting tasks are simplified, as it is made up of a graphical interface that allows the automation of settings.

Learn how to deploy cPanel with pre-installed applications on a VPS.



In order to install your cPanel server, you will first need to order a VPS with a cPanel distribution.


When your VPS is ready, you will receive an email providing the information to connect to your cPanel server:

Your application(s):

You can connect to cPanel from https://hostname:2087/session_parameters

If you already have a VPS and want to have cPanel on it, you can reinstall the VPS from your OVHcloud Control Panel with the "CentOS 7 - cPanel" template (available only with a compatible VPS solution).

If you reinstall a VPS, all data stored on the VPS will be lost.

First connection

Once you received the email with the unique link, please proceed to the link to do the initial setup.

If the link has expired already, please connect to your VPS via SSH using the CentOS user and execute the “sudo whmlogin” command to generate a new link.

The URL above allows you to log in without credentials (user and password) to your WHM manager.

Step 1: Read and accept the terms of cPanel


Step 2: Provide your email and nameservers you wish to set on the VPS


Step 3: Set the root password


Now you should be able to login to WHM and SSH using the root user with the password that was just set.

Securing your service

We recommend that you take further additional steps to ensure you secure your WHM and VPS. For this we recommend reading the recommendations provided by cPanel here.

Furthermore we recommend setting up the OVHcloud network firewall and set up a backup solution on your VPS.

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