Best practices for managing your OVHcloud services and account

Find out about the best ways to manage your invoices, orders, payment methods and account

Last updated 18th July 2022


This guide contains the essential elements for managing your account and the billing of your OVHcloud services.

Find the best practices to adopt in order to avoid any service interruptions or irregularities in your OVHcloud account.



Account settings

Account security

Create a strong password which will ensure your OVHcloud account's privacy.

Enable two factor authentification to prevent any fraudulent access.

For the security measures to be efficient, make sure your email addresses (main and backup) and your mobile number are up-to-date and accessible.

Personal information

Your personal information (postal address, email address, etc.) must be up-to-date in your customer account to guarantee the security and proper functioning of your services.

Check your personal information by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner of the OVHcloud Control Panel, then on your initials (Manage my account).
In the My profile section on the right of your screen (click on your name again to remove the left menu), click on ..., then on Edit my profile.


For more information, read the guide Securing my OVHcloud account and managing my personal information.

Ensure your email address is always up to date, accessible and secured. Email messages from our services will be sent to this address, including the ones meant to reset your Control Panel's password.

Add a backup email to your personal information to prevent any loss of access to your OVHcloud Control Panel.

Emails sent by OVHcloud will be also visible in your OVHcloud Control Panel.
Click on your name at the top right of your screen, then on Service emails in the right-hand menu.


Automatic renewal

In order to prevent any service interruption and for the good functioning of the autorenewal, register a payment method in your OVHcloud Control Panel.

Check regularly that your payment method is valid.

For more information, please follow the instructions of these guides:

If you decide not to activate the autorenewal on your services, you will receive notifications prompting you to make a manual payment to either renew your service in advance or pay your pending bill.

Order follow-up

Did you know that you can track your orders in your OVHcloud Control Panel?
Just navigate to the Dashboard tab at the top menu of your screen, then click on View my orders.


You will find out the steps of delivery and you will know if actions are required from your side.

Service termination

If you want to stop using one of your services, you can either cancel it, set its renewal to manual mode or delete it immediately through your OVHcloud Control Panel.

First click on your name at the top right of your screen, then on Products and services. On the right side of your screen, click on the ... button corresponding to the service you want to act on, then click on one of the following buttons:

  • Configure renewal: On the following screen, you'll be able to switch the Renewal type of your service to Manual. Then click on Next and Confirm. Before the expiration date of your service, you will receive several notifications by email. If you don't renew your service, it will be permanently deleted.
  • Cancel: On the following screen, specify the reasons for your cancellation request, then click on Confirm. On the expiration date of your service, it will be permanently deleted.
  • Delete immediately: On the following screen, click on Confirm. You will be sent a confirmation email. After your validation, your service will be immediately and permanently deleted.

To get more information about the termination of your services, consult the How to cancel your OVHcloud services guide.

Account closure

If you want to definitely close your OVHcloud personal account, first check that it does not contain any active services, pending invoices or ongoing orders.
Then, submit a request to our support teams to ask for the permanent deletion of your account.

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